Thursday, December 17, 2009

So sick..

So my work is stressing me out so much that it is making me sick. The past few weeks I have been so unhappy. I used to love my job, love the people I work with, and I didn't really think it was work because I had so much fun doing what I do. But lately it is the complete opposite. I can not stand half the people I work with, no one does their job, they promise homeowners things and then don't fulfill their promises! They are ALWAYS late and call me to call the homeowner to let the homeowner know they aren't going to be there at 8:30..(well no shit, it's already 9!) They really don't respect people, they are really two faced a lot of the times. My boss was mad at my mom and hasn't spoke to her since.. and it's been about 2 months! She doesn't even know what she is suppose to be doing, no one does!
I really miss the way work used to be, but now I am only thinking about me, my health, and my family.. and I don't feel like working here is helping with my stress, my health, and spending actual quality time with my son!
I feel so miserable and it really sucks.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Stress, Emotions...

Lately I have felt like my heart is so chest is in pain and I am so stressed out. I know why I am stressed, but right now there is nothing that I can do.

We aren't going to sale our house, we are going to try and work things out, but if it comes down to it, we might just have to.

I am really looking forward to the new year, I think it is going to bring great changes to Matt and I. I am really excited for new adventures that may come our way.

Happy Holidays.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Falling Behind...Catching Up...

We fell behind, we won't catch up.
We have decided to "Short Sale" our house.
It will be for the best in the long run. We want to move to Arroyo Grande or Nipomo, in a house with a backyard and 3 bedrooms.
This is going to be a long and stressful process, but we are ready.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Ok, so the past few days August has fallen asleep on me while I've been holding him...and it melts my heart. He is so freaking cute while he sleeps and I just love being a mother. BUT when he is awake he pushes off of me and does not want me to hold him, he is getting really squirmy and it makes me really sad! He is getting so big so fast and it's real sad. I am having baby's weird. If I was pregnant today I would think it was really cool. August is already 7 months old and in 5 months he will be ONE! I am already planning his party in my head... ROBOTS!

That's all. Happy Birthday Faye.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Last Sunday.. I went to church. I had not been to church since I think 2003 or 2004, with Matt's parents in Hoopeston. I told myself that I would go and see how I liked it. Well I loved it. I am really glad that I went. I will be going tomorrow as well. And August went too, and had his first experience in a "day care". He did really good, of course he was in the saucer the whole time.
Matt doesn't want to go, which I am having a really hard time with, but I think I just need to give it time...and maybe he will open up his heart again. He shared with me the night I asked him to go that he doesn't believe in "organized" religion.. which I understand, but at the same time, I have a hard time with it.

Other news, August will be 7 months old tomorrow! And today was the first day I didn't breast feed him! It was kind of weird, but I was ready and I think he was too. My boobs weren't producing anything really. I think he just sucked to suck! And I just didn't stop because it's been something we have done ever since he was born! But today I said... this is it.. and I gave him a bottle when he first woke up, no problems.

My boobs don't hurt as of yet.. maybe tomorrow they will but whatever I'll deal with it. It's not like they are producing much any way!

Faye's birthday party is tomorrow and I'm really excited about it! August is going to dress up in his Halloween costume!!!

Um.. ok..
OH and we haven't had a dryer in 2 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We finally get a new washer and dryer on TUESDAY! Thank you Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Emotional Rollercoaster

So I started my period on Tuesday, it's been 15 months since I have had one...and let me tell you, I DO NOT miss it. I have been miserable the past few days. I have cried, been an extremely rude person, been a happy person, been a depressed person, cried some more, and then some more, and then been normal. My body is going through crazy changes I think and it's making me an insane person. I freaked out at Matt last night for the stupidest thing, and today I rolled up in a ball on August' floor and cried because he wasn't taking a nap and being an insane child. We both were just crying, but I couldn't pick him up because I was a wreck I needed to just let myself cry it out. Today has just been the worst day so far, the past two days I have had cramps, but today it's just been tears. The only thing I feel like doing is cleaning, so while working, every hour I put a few things away. I really hope August takes a long nap because I just need some silence. The house is so peaceful right now. The animals are all asleep, one on the table, one in the sink, and Gibby on the couch. The only noise is me typing and the occasional call on the work line.
Do you know that working from home is one of the hardest things to do ever. I think I am more stressed out from working from home then if August were to be in daycare.
Ugh, enough. I am so blessed to be able to be at home with him.
The trash smells so bad, and it has since last night, but I am too lazy to take it out...maybe that's the next thing I should clean up.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Missing Family

I really miss having my parents near me. I haven't lived in the same city as them in 6 years....the same state I should say. I really hate not having them around, it makes some things really hard on me emotionally. I know they don't like being far away either...but I know there is nothing they can do right now, we both don't want to move to the other state!
I just needed to write that.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Fat fat..skinny skinny

So I was looking back at pictures from like 3-4 years ago... gosh I have gained so much weight since then. I saw pictures of me where I was like "holy crap I was skinny!" even though at that time I didn't think it..I really was! I need to get rid of this "baby" fat. I need to at least get rid of 50 pounds! I miss the way I looked before, I miss my face being skinny and my pants actually fitting and my muffin top not hanging over my pants. I need to do something NOW and not put it off. I just need to start walking and working out.. it is just really hard I feel like I have no time! I work all day at home and then at 5 I clean up and then Matt gets home and we cook and eat dinner and then take care of august and then put him to sleep and then by that time its usually 8-9 and then i get in bed! I either need to get up ealier and do it after august goes to sleep...
AHHHHH I am 194 pounds right now. I was 219 the day I had August.

ok ldfjsajdfoiurtoasjfklsjdf asoidfu

Monday, August 31, 2009

Is it just me or..

have I been really bitter lately? For some reason I just feel so bitter and annoyed lately. The only thing that makes me smile or happy is when August is in a good mood. Everything else has just been driving me crazy. I don't know if it is because more than half of the day August is doing this whine where nothing makes him happy...or if it is because I just want 10 minutes to myself, but instead all my minutes are dealing with dirty diapers, barking dog, annoying cats... The only time I get to myself is when I am ASLEEP and sometimes even then I am fighting over covers with Matt or kicking Gibby off me. Can't one night my husband come home, take the baby and let me just relax in bed, no feeding the baby, no cleaning the baby, no cleaning the house, no doing laundry...I just want one night, one hour, one minute!
I am looking forward to going to bunco tomorrow, I will have time to just be loud, annoying, and crazy and not have to worry about making Gibby hyper, waking up August, or annoying Matt.

AHHH, it just feels good to vent that's all. Back to work since I got NOTHING done today.

Monday, August 24, 2009

I had a break down..

So we went to the Dodgers/Cubs game yesterday and I knew it was going to be hot, but I didn't think it was going to be THAT hot. It was probably around 90 degrees, it was gross. Our seats where in the sun, which was not good because August would not have been safe in the sun, in that heat. So we sat in the shade in other people's seats and everything was fine. But then around the 3rd inning those people arrived so we had to move. Matt ended up taking August up to the walk way area and then I went up there and saw that a lady had put two chairs there for us to sit. There was a lady with two little girls next to us and she told me that I could go into the "luxury suites" and feed and change him and get some air conditioning. So I started to head towards the elevator and August was starting to freak out. He was getting really hot and really annoyed. I started to choke up when I was telling the guy at the elevator where I needed to go. Once I got off the elevator and August was screaming I saw a lady that worked there and told her what was going on, but I couldn't even talk because I was crying. I was so stressed out because August was not looking good and I knew he was just really hot and tired and didn't like that heat. I didn't like the heat either, I got really dizzy when we first got there. I do not do well in heat, and I never have. Anyway, the lady was really nice and told me where to go. I had to wait for this guy and his little girl to get out of the family bathroom and as soon as I got in there I just broke down. I cried while changing August, he was still freaking out screaming and crying. I put a cold towel on him and kept him naked while I went to the bathroom. I tried to breast feed him but he didn't want to. The bathroom was kind of warm so I just got him dressed and went out into the lobby area. We sat down on the couch and there was another lady there with her 9 month old, but she was just there because he was asleep and the people in the room she was in were really loud and they were waking him up ( I think she was a players wife..or someone important's wife). Anyway I gave August a bottle and he finally cooled off, as did I. We went back up to enjoy the last 2 innings of them game. He was totally fine afterwards. I just got so stressed out because I didn't know what to do! The lady next to us was so nice though. She told me exactly what to say and do when I got down to the suites. I am so thankful for the lady that worked there too. She was so helpful and felt so bad that I was crying!

Then...last night as Matt and I were driving home we talked about having another baby, when we want to and what we want to have.. I would love to have a girl of course, but I would not mind having another boy..and that's when I cried again! I told Matt how much I cherish every moment I spend with August, no matter what mood he is in. I love him so much, he is our son, a part of me, and a part of Matt. I love being a parent, it's amazing.
So I told Matt that I think I want to have another baby before August is 2...well be pregnant before then. If it was up to me I would get pregnant again when August was 1 1/2. I would want to have the baby in the summer of 2011....we will see though.

That is all for now, just sharing what I went through yesterday and how I feel about having another baby.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My baby

So August is almost 5 months old! He is rolling over like a crazy man, stomach to back.
Tonight I decided to give him rice cereal...and it was funny. He liked the first few bites, but then he started getting over it..and i was forcing it and that was a mistake cause all of a sudden.BLALLAHAH all over him, me, the table..sickkkkk.
Anyway then during dinner he was sitting on the table in his bumbo and i heard him farting and after like 15 minutes i picked him up..POOP bubble out of his diaper!!! me, my grandma and matt had to all help get him out of the bumbo wrap towels around him..ughhh it was SICK!!!

Anyway, he is 19 pounds and probably about 27 1/2 inches.
I bought him a jumperoo like 3-4 weeks ago and his feet barely touched the floor on his tippy toes, now his feet sit flat on the floor, so i need to make the seat higher. It's crazy how fast he is growing. he has 6 oz bottles and then after like 1-2 hours later nurses on the boob.

My grandma has been staying with us so she is watching him while I work and she makes him laugh like crazy i love it! I just hear them downstairs together and she makes funny noises and then he just laughs and screams, it's so wonderful to see my grandma, his Great Grandma be able to spend time with him!!!!!

ok goodnight im tired.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

May you walk with God...

So today I cried while I was on the phone with my boss and here is the reason.

When I was first interviewed by Paul, my boss, he told me he was a Christian and really involved in his church, and I thought that was awesome, but didn't think any more of it. Now I realize why it is a big deal...
I, a 24 year old married mother, can work from home. I am blessed to be able to see my son every day, watch him grow, and learn new things. Not everyone gets this opportunity and everyday I thank the Lord that I am given this chance to spend every moment I can with August.

Just a few months ago my mom was without a job, but one door flew wide open for her, and that one door was the door of NewReal (where I work). After her many many prayers and her many many days of looking for work, just like that, she got a full time job, working from home.

Friday I was given the chance to hire someone else to work from home for about 20 hours a week to do data entry, and I asked a friend, but she turned it down, so yesterday my mom and I were talking and we both said..Aunt Donna! My mom called my aunt...and silence is what my mom heard..and my mom said "Donna, is this an answer to your prayers..." and my aunt Donna said "Yes, you don't even know".

So with that being said, today I called my boss to tell him this..."Paul, I think God is using your company to help other people in their life..." and he said "Krista, from day 1, that was my mission statement..."

And I am writing this because I feel that the things that have happened the past few months to my mom and my aunt is God actually telling ME to watch what path I I following Him, or am I going down the wrong path...?
I truly believe He made these things happen to make me open my eyes.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Truth about Money...where it goes, and why it's a waste..

So I wanted to post a blog about money, because I wanted to let everyone know first bad credit cards will drain you.

I remember the first time I got a credit card..I lived in Lake Havasu and I had just turned 18 and my parents hid the card from me because they didn't want me to have a credit card, but then they ended up giving it to me. It was my first card, Capital One, with a $300 credit limit.
Well that was 6 years ago...and now I personally in my name have 10 credit cards. (this does not include the cards Matt has under his name)

Yes at times credit cards can be the best thing ever, until you realize you are $xx,xxx in debt and your interest rate is 29.9% and you are paying for things that you bought 6 years ago! Since I got that Capital One card, it's been paid off ONE time.
I encourage anyone with ANY amount of credit card debt to 1. stop using it, 2. call your credit card company and work out a payment plan to lower your interest rate if it is high 3. cut up the card 4. NEVER apply for another card again.
Yes, I do believe you should keep 1 or 2 cards for your car breaks down and it will be $3,000 to fix or you have a medial emergency.
I have learned a lot since I was put on disability pay and had to manage to pay our house, cars, insurance, groceries, household bills, and then the dreaded CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS. I was never stressed more in my life. Paying bills made me cry, I didn't know what to do. I would receive at least 1 call a day for collections on our credit cards!
We used to pay around $1,000 in credit card bills, it makes me SICK. I don't exactly know what we pay now since I called all the companies and had them lower the rate, but I know it is at least $200 less. I have called every company and worked out a plan to pay off the credit card with a lower interest rate. I had cards that had a 29.9% interest rate dropped to a 6% interest rate. I will have all our credit cards paid off in 5 years. Yeah 5 years is 5 years, kind of a long time.. but in 5 years I know that I will be debt free from credit cards, and in 5 years (if we don't buy a new car by then) will have no car payment...This is something to really look forward to.

The reason why I write this is because I know it is hard, we struggle everyday with money, we ALL do. You have to think before you buy, do you NEED it, or do you WANT it? Are you paying cash or are you using your credit card so that $100 piece of furniture will turn into a $250 piece of furniture...
Don't waste your hard earned money on interest...

If you have any questions about how I did this ask me, I want to help! You can't give in to them saying NO. You will always find that person that says YES, I will help you. I had to call a few companies 3-4 times until someone would finally help!

Thursday, July 9, 2009


I am first a wife & mother.
I am then a daughter & sister.
I am then a grand daughter, niece & cousin.
And then I am a friend.

I love my husband. He does more than I could ask for. He is here for me whenever I need him.
I love my son. He makes me laugh and cry. He is an amazing little man.
I love my parents. My mom is an inspiration to me, and my dad made me who I am today.
I love my brother. We fought as kids, but have become great friends the older we get.
I love my grandma Lo, grandma Nancy, great grandma Scharer, and grandpa Rick.
I love my aunts & uncles & cousins, even though I never see them.
And last...
I love my friends. No matter how often or how much we hang out, I love each and every one of you. You are in my life because you mean something to me. Some of you I see every week and others I see once a year.
Not only is my family my friends.. but my friends are my family.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sunday, July 5, 2009

It's been awhile...

I was told I haven't written on here in awhile, so I decided that I should write an update.

August, oh my dear little August, I love him. There is nothing like being a mother. He makes me get up in the morning, literally, he makes me laugh, cry, be full of joy. I love watching him while he's sleeping, and watching him watch Gibby! He is such a smart little guy, I'm pretty sure he'll grow up to be President (JK, I wouldn't want that!).

He has grown so much, really filled out. He's losing hair, but it is still long and there's still so much of it! He has huge blue eyes, and long eye lashes. He is going to be tall and lean I think, just like his daddy. I'm pretty sure his hair is going to be curly and blonde also like his daddy (and the curl from me too! and his Grandpa Steve had blonde curly hair!).

His Grandma Gwen got him to laugh out loud, it was so funny. I made him do it tonight while calling him GOOSE! So instead of me calling him BUBBA or DINO I'm pretty sure his new name is GOOSE, which is close to GUS!

He is still wearing size 2 diapers, but wears 6 month clothing..some 3 month stuff fits him, but tight! He loves to lay on his changing table and kick and talk and scream! He is such alittle character.

He's trying to sit up, but isn't there just yet. However he is rolling onto his side and I know soon he will be rolling onto his stomach, but he will hate that, cause he hates being on his stomach! He usually sleeps through the night til about 5-6 o'clock..then he will wake up and eat for like 15 minutes and then go back to bed and sleep sometimes till 9-10! But he usually wakes up at about 830.

He goes for his 4 month check up in 2 weeks, I can't wait! I want to know how long he is and how much he's gained from the last appointment. I'm pretty sure he's about 14 pounds...

On another note, I started working from home. It is really hard to take care of a baby and work 8 hours a day! I find myself doing about 2-3 hours at night after he goes to bed, and then a few hours on the weekend just so I can make sure I get 4o.

My mom got a job with the company I work for, so I talk to her all the time. It is really cool, we talked all the time any way, but we talk about work and then personal life!

Matt and I will be celebrating our 3 year wedding anniversary in a month (August 19), so crazy to think about!

That's about it.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

To the moms...

So to all my Mother Friends, I just wanted to say thank you! For the past 2 years living here I have watched your children grow, and I have watched the way you have become wonderful parents to them. I have learned things that I want to do to help my expierence and things that maybe I don't agree with and will find other ways to deal with that situation. No matter if I agree or disagree with how you handle a certain situation, I have learned from it, and I think that all of you are wonderful moms! I can't wait to see all of our children grow up together, to see how they all turn out, to see what they become as an adult. In 20 years, we might even be grandmas! Crazy right...well let's not think about it now!

To the moms...

So to all my Mother Friends, I just wanted to say thank you! For the past 2 years living here I have watched your children grow, and I have watched the way you have become wonderful parents to them. I have learned things that I want to do to help my experience and things that maybe I don't agree with and will find other ways to deal with that situation. No matter if I agree or disagree with how you handle a certain situation, I have learned from it, and I think that all of you are wonderful moms! I can't wait to see all of our children grow up together, to see how they all turn out, to see what they become as an adult. In 20 years, we might even be grandmas! Crazy right...well let's not think about it now!

Friday, May 8, 2009

I can celebrate May 10th this year...

Because it's Mother's Day!

Well August is 7 weeks and I can't believe how fast it has gone by. He is finally filling out, cause he's finally gaining weight! Last doctor's visit he was 9.7, which was a huge improvement from last visit, he was 8.15. My poor little guy had "tongue tie", meaning he couldn't suck properly and wasn't getting enough milk even though he was feeding for an HOUR!

I think overall he is a very good baby. He loves to smile and he loves when I make weird faces and sounds. He usually goes to bed between 10-11 and wakes up anywhere from 3:30-5, and then goes back to bed for a few hours. He sleeps in his pack n play right next to my side of the bed. I am hoping he will sleep in his crib when he is 3 months old...which is only 1 month away!

I have had some ups and downs, but for the most part everything has gone perfect. Breastfeeding of course was a challange and still is sometimes.

I love being a mom but I really don't feel much different. I still do the same things I did before, it just takes me longer!
I also really can't wait for another baby, but WE WILL BE WAITING for at least 2 years! I just love love being a mom!
Well that's all for now. I hope all you moms have a really nice Mother's Day!!!

Monday, May 4, 2009


Um I just went to read blogs and of course I was tagged by Michelle, lame. I just got done feeding that baby that you can't see! I TAG DANIELLE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Almost a month...

4 weeks ago today I was walking on the beach with my mom and Danielle and the dogs, hoping August would make his arrival sometime soon.

In 2 days, August will be a month old! I can't believe it. I can't really say he's grown too much, since he still isn't at his birth weight, but he does look different and has gotten an inch taller!

I love this little guy more than anything. He makes me laugh..and cry...he makes funny noises and funny faces. I love to just stare at him.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

He's 2 weeks old!

So my baby boy is 2 weeks old already. He has already grown so much from the first time I saw him. Today is our first day ALONE. Matt went back to work today, and there's no grandparents here. So far has been fine, I got some breakfast, changed him out of his pj's and now he's sleeping!
Gibby has been pretty good so far. She sometimes gets alittle wild when on bed and tries laying pretty much on him, but she obeys us when we tell her to move and stop. She's really funny though, when he farts or makes a funny noise she freaks out!
So my life has been flipped upside down the last two weeks. I am a mother! We are parents. Our parents are grandparents!

The first few nights at home were alittle hard. He was waking up every 1-2 hours and it was really hard for me. I cried the first few nights, just because I felt like crying. I wasn't upset or stressed or depressed, I just wanted to cry!
After the 3rd night, things started getting better. He had a better eating schedule and I was able to sleep 3 1/2-4 hours until he would wake up. I try and feed him between 11 and 12 at night, so then he doesn't wake up until around 4. I would rather wake up at 4 or 5, than 1 or 2! And then again at 4 or 5!
So he sleeps...what I say..pretty well! I thought I would be waking up and not getting any sleep what so ever, but I have actually been getting good sleep! Yes I am tired when I have to get up and feed/change him, but I am able to go right back to sleep!
He has been sleeping in his pack n play bassinet, he has only slept in our bed once the other morning, and the first two nights on Matt's chest and mine. I hope it stays that way, of him sleeping in his crib!

Breastfeeding.....oh wow. So I always HATED it! I just really thought it was weird, but I don't have anything against people that do. Well after having him, it just came natural I guess? The first few days were really hard, but it is getting better day by day. Nursing in public is still alittle hard for me. Sometimes he does really good, and sometimes he is really fussy and doesn't latch on, and that's what makes it really hard for me. I have fed him in the KMart parking lot and the Verizon parking lot already haha.

I feel like my life has just changed so much and so much for the better! I love Matthew more than ever. Going through pregnancy and labor with him has shown me so much. He was amazing during labor with me. I just kept thinking about how much I love him and how wonderful he is. He is amazing with August. I couldn't ask for a better husband or father to August. He is just amazing.

That's about it. If anyone ever wants to hang out, let me know! I am ready for August to see the world, starting early! We have already been out a bunch, and I am excited about it! We have gone to Target, Babies R Us, the McDonald's, the Voegele's, the Biermann's, the Ralph's... and the doctor's!
Well mommy duty calls.
Love me.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Ok really the birth story

So I had no idea I would have been dilated to 3-4 centimeters when I went into the doctors office. I was really in shock. Matt and I walked over to the hospital and went to the ER entrance. I saw Maci, which was cool, talked to her while they were getting all my infomation together. Finally I was ready to head up to Labor and Delivery. The lady asked if I wanted a wheel chair, but I didn't cause I wanted to keep walking and it felt better to stand. We got into our room and I got undressed and my gown on. I went pee in a cup and for some reason it was the hardest thing to do ever. I do it every week at my doctor's appointments but for some reason I like peed every where! Hahaha.
Anyway...My nurse came in and she seemed pretty cool, I was scared I would get a crazy mean nurse or one that didn't speak good english.
They drew blood, hooked me up to an iv and then gave me pitocin. Well I was doing really fine, my contractions were about 4-5 minutes apart. I was tapping my feet to the babies heartbeat to help with the pain and also doing my own breathing technique. The nurse asked me if I wanted an epidurual and at that point I didnt. I guess Dr. Callahan kept asking me if I had received it yet.
Dr. Callahan came in, I don't remember what time, but he deciced to put the internal heartmonitor on the baby, which I didn't want but I had no idea what was happening. I was kind of upset about it, but then I just didn't care cause I knew it had to be save if he was doing it.
So he put it in and then broke my water. It was the weirdest feeling..and it was weird that i had WIRES hanging out of my vagina!!!!
Well I don't really know what time it was but I know it was before 3 and the nurse checked to see where I was at. I was at what she said a 6. I was still doing ok, but then all of a sudden the pain just got worse and worse and I couldn't focus and I was freaking out because I knew the pain was just going to get worse. I kept telling myself that there is no reason to NOT get an epidurual and vice versa. I was up in the air for at least 2 hours. I called Taryn just to ask her how it felt and what I would and wouldn't feel. I really just wanted to get an idea of what it would make me feel like. After talking with Taryn and having another few really hard contractions I decided to get it. At 3 o'clock...i broke edge. haha just kidding. But thats when I got drugged up! It was the weirdest feeling I have ever felt. My legs were so heavy and I just felt so out of it and weird. Matt kept telling me to get sleep but I couldn't. The doctor came in at 5 and he said I was still at 5! He said that if i didn't progress by the next time he came back, which would be a few hours, I would have to have a c-section. I pretty much was ready to have a c-section....I really didn't think I was going to progress..
SAD...a couple minutes later my dad got a call on his cell phone from a parents live on this hill and if there is a fire you have to leave ASAP. the first thing they thought
My dad then he in the house.. ok let me call Justin...we all knew it was about their dog Sammy. My dad got off the phone and looked at my mom and said... Sammy died. We all just went into shock and started balling. I couldn't believe that just happened. I couldn't believe that my parents grandchild was on his way, and they just found out their dog that they loved like a child...died. For the next hour it was silence, other than tears rolling down everyones face. My parents decided to go get some food and let Danielle and Wiss come into the room.
Danielle and Wiss came up and we were all talking and then all of a sudden I started feeling so much pressure, the epidurual was wearing off. I could start to feel the contractions again and at first it was ok. but then it hit me like a ton of bricks...I was in so much pain, there was so much pressure. I got the nurse and asked her for more epidurual. She called the guy but he was in AG and was on his way.. at that time it was about 7...the nurse checked me again and said I was at an 8-9! I couldn't believe it. Then at about 730, dr. callahan came in and checked me..He are dilated at have a few options, because he knew I wanted more epidurual. He said I could either get more and have a c-section..or I could not get any more and try vaginal and see what we can do.. then without really giving him an answer he's like ok well next contraction lets try pushing.. I was like uhhh what, it was happening SO FAST!!! I was scared cause my mom wasn't back yet but I just had to think that they would be there before he came out!
So I had a contraction and I pushed and then he's like ok.. it was kind of a blur from there, I remember telling Danielle and Wiss to get my mom and I heard my mom come in and the nurse was like grab her mom had no idea she would be doing that!
So there I was starting to push each contraction. It was about 7:50 and I remember saying, how long will I be pushing for.. and the nurse said between 1-2 hours. oh and this was a different nurse they switched at 7. she was really cool and from MINNESOTA!!
Anyway.. I remember saying.. hell no I won't be pushing for 2 hours!
So I was pushing each contraction and the pressure just got crazy. I remember wanting to keep my eyes closed and I wish that it had been pitch black. I kept putting my hands over my eyes when I wasn't pushing. I also remember crying, but with no tears, I was just wanting to release crys.. I dont know haahaha. I could tell he was coming down and it was the weirdest feeling. Matt and my mom did so good. They just kept me focused with each count of 10. We did 3 counts of 10 each contraction. I remember them saying ok I see the head I see the head.. she told me i could feel it, i told her she was crazy!
They couldn't find dr. callahan and everyone was freaking out and finally he got there right as his head came out then I remember the weird feeling of his body coming out. I think his body was the weirdest thing ever coming out!
August James Bandy arrived at 8:35 pm, 21 inches long and 8.7 pounds. When he came out, there wasn't really a cry.. just a little waw, but nothing like I thought it would be. It scared matt and I because he was soooo quite! they said he was perfectly fine. they laid him on my chest and i just had no feeling. i know that sounds bad but i was just still in shock, i didnt cry i didn't really talk i just remember thinking, wow...this is weird..this is weird.. i can't believe i just did that.
My mom said she was so proud of me and that I was completely different than she thought i was going to be she thought i was going to be INSANE!
I actually impressed myself!
anyway.. i did tear. but i just remember it was a burning feeling, i guess...i was at a degree 2 out of 4. um i dont reallly know what else.. it was just a crazy feeling, there is nothing like child birth.
ill post more later about the hospital stay!!!!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sleeping Lovers & the Birth Story

Right now, August is sleeping in his chair thing, Matt is on the floor sleeping with gibby and stewie and champion is upstairs sleeping on the computer chair.

I am up, watching 24 and decided it would be a good time to talk about the past week.

I am just going to start with when my parents got here on Friday..but I'll start with Sunday.
Sunday we decided to go to Fat Cats and walk the beach with Gibby. This was my due date and there was no sign of baby coming. My parents only had one week here, so he had to come and come soon!
So we went to Fat Cats and had a really good breakfast and then went to the "dog" side of Avila and took Gibby on a walk. We were there for a long time and saw 2 boston terriers! it was real cool. I was feeling good and didn't mind the walk. After awhile we went to visit my great grandma scharer in san luis, and after that went into AG.
We ended up going to Lori and Andys..where I finally met Jackson! We stayed there for dinner and left at about 9:30.
We got home and pretty much all went to bed.
At 3:30 am i woke up having contractions, they weren't too crazy and they weren't close together. They lasted until 6 and thats when I went back to bed.
So Monday morning I had my dr. appointment. My mom and I went and he said that I was still dilated at 1 and 90% effaced. He told me to come back Thursday if nothing happened.
My mom and I decided to go back to Avila to walk since it seemed that it worked yesterday that start contractions. We came back to the house and got some stuff and then went and got Matt and had a great lunch at stacked. Then we went to Avila and met Danielle there. Me and my mom and Danielle and our dogs walked the beach for 2 1/2 hours! It felt really good, but towards the end I was getting really tired.
We started heading to the car and I noticed my eye site wasn't the same. i was seeing this weird blurry dot in the middle of my vision, I decided not to drive because i couldnt really see too great.
We went to the new Trader Joes in Santa Maria to get dinner to cook that night. Wiss, my cousin Keri and Logan came over. Keri and Logan left at 1030 and then we all went to bed. (wiss made the red velvet cake and it was gooood)
So that night/morning...nothing!
Tuesday.. nothing was really done other than my mom and i cleaned up alittle bit and i ran some errands.
That night we went to Taco Tuesday and Cielto Lindo. I had 4 chicken tacos..which I usually eat only 2, but I said to myself.. i'm stuffing my face tonight and gonna make this baby come out!
We came home and watched American Idol. Went to bed at 10. I woke up at 11:50 with stomach pain, so I went to take a poop. I pooped but the pain kept coming back. I realized I was having contractions.. after having them for 2 hours (and after pooping 2 more times!) I started keeping track of them. They were lasting between 45-90 seconds and they were 4-10 minutes apart. They started getting 4-5 minutes apart for about an hour but then went back to being 6-8 minutes apart. At about 7 I went downstairs to tell my mom but that they started getting further and further apart.
I went and took a shower and was going to wait to call the doctor since they didn't open till 830. Matt got up and we went for a walk and then I came back and called the doctor. They told me to come right in. We got to the doctors at about 945 and they hooked me up to the monitors. After 15 minutes dr. callahan came in and checked me. I was 3-4 centimeters dilated and 100% effaced...I was officially in LABOR!

He told me to go into his office and he would get me the paper work and then to head over to the ER and get ready for this baby! Matt and I walked over to the hospital and just couldn't really believe it was actually happening. It was the weirdest moment...I just couldn't believe it!

I will post the actual LABOR story later. I am over writing!

Saturday, March 14, 2009


March 15, 2009
That is the due date that the doctors have given me.
If I don't go into labor tonight or tomorrow, I will be pissed.
I have a doctors appointment Monday, and I will tell them to induce me.
This baby is huge, and I am ready to have him out of me.

That is all.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


So I haven't felt like a really good friend lately...and here is why...

Since I have been sick I wasn't able to see Wiss at all for her birthday. I wasn't able to go to her birthday party or out for Baja and Cake on her actual birthday. I feel really bad because it was her 25th birthday!

Also, I got sick the night Jackson was born and I have been sick ever since. I wasn't able to visit Lori and Jackson in the hospital and I still haven't seen them and he will be a week older tomorrow! I feel horrible!

Of course if I wasn't sick, I would have been able to do those two things. I just feel really bad that this cold is taking over my life! This is probably the last week I will be baby free, and I can't enjoy it because I am miserable feeling!

Health Update - I did go to the doctor today and they gave me a prescription for a ZPACK, so I am hoping this makes me feel better! I do feel alittle better, but still only like maybe 40%!

My parents are probably leaving tomorrow and will be here Friday night. So hopefully August will come SOON!
That's all.

Suck a nut

So I am up because I can't sleep with this freaking sore throat. It hurts so bad. It is hard to sleep because it just hurts. The only time it doesn't hurt is after I have been drinking water for more than 5 seconds, but I can't just lay there and drink water all night long. I already get up to go pee once every 2 hours. I think my cough is going away..slightly. Matt actually woke me up this morning because I was snoring so loud. Usually he doesn't wake me up, and just let's me sleep. I really need to go back to sleep though. I am so tired and need to get my freaking rest! I think August is going to come in the next 2 days (before Saturday). I'm thinking Thursday or Friday.

I am going to attempt bed again.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Arms & Legs

So this morning I woke up...and I said to myself...Krista, you are going to shave those nasty hairy arms and legs of yours today, no matter what or how bad it hurts to bend over.
So I turned the bath on, and began the long process of shaving (below my knees). It felt SO good to have smooth legs, holy crap. It hurt alittle to bend over and shave but I was sitting in the tub with my legs up and I don't know it was easier than standing and trying to do it. Next I did my arms. 1, because I usually keep them shaved and 2, because when I had that IV in it hurt to take the tape off because of my hairy arms.
So come on labor, bring it. I am ready to tackle you...other than still being sick of course.
How am I suppose to get rid of this sore throat/nasty cough when all I can do is take tylenol!?
I want some real drugs right now. Some Tylenol cold & flu would be lovely!
Alright that's it. Nothing new, other than I'm nice and smooth, ready for people to grab my legs and say PUSH, without them getting eatin by the hair on my legs. HAHAHA. I make myself laugh.

Monday, March 9, 2009

I'll show you a bloody show.

I always put a lot of thought into my titles. This one really didn't take thought, but it's just gross and I wanted to point it out.

Anyway, since I was in the hospital Saturday, my doctor wanted me to go into his office Monday. So I woke up this morning at 9:15 and called the doctors office and they said to come in at 10:15, so I got up and went to take a shower. I went pee like always in the morning, but this time was different...I was spotting. I wiped and there was blood, as well as on my panty-liner. So I was just like hmm..interesting. I did have a vag exam on Saturday and thought it was from that. So I took my shower and got Matt up, he took today off, thank goodness, and we went to the doctors office. I took my weight, and peed in a cup, and I could tell I had blood in my urine cause of the color and the protien was at +1, and did my blood pressure, which was normal.
They put me in room #1, and the nurse lady took my blood pressure again and my tempature and I took her about my bleeding so they told me to go back to the waiting room, they wanted me to go to a room with an ultrasound unit. So back to waiting, then back to room #2, and the doctor came in and I told him what was going on, and he gave me another vag exam and he said my cervix was really soft and I was dilated to a 1. Then he told me to get dressed and go into the waiting room again so they could monitor the baby for awhile. So back to the waiting room, and then back to room #3! They hooked me up to the machines and after about 15 minutes came back in and said the baby looked fine and that I could go home. He had me cancel Thursdays appointment, but to call if I notice any changes and that I would more than likely go into labor this week!
All I needed to hear was PROGRESS! And that's what I heard.

So we went to Panera bread after for some breakfast and then came home and Matt's cleaning up and I am just laying around. Then I just went to the bathroom and noticed more discharge, so I am pretty sure that I am having my "bloody show" or I guess losing the plug.

So I am shooting for Amy's birthday, which is the 12th! My parents are waiting for the call that I'm in labor and then they are DRIVING here! They were going to fly, but I guess they have now decided to drive.

So, that's all for now.
I'll keep you all posted when things change!


Sunday, March 8, 2009

My not so cool first time in a hospital.

Ok so it all started Thursday night, I could feel myself getting sick, but thought nothing of it, just maybe that it was cause it was cold outside and wasn't really dressed for it being cold.
I woke up Friday morning feeling like CRAP. But figured if I took a shower I would be better. I got in the shower and it took all my energy away. I called my doctor (Baby Doctor) and they told me to call my regular doctor. So i called Dr. Voegele's office and he wasn't in and at the time I was going to go to Danielle's house so we could go see Jackson together. So I called her and spoke to Pat. He told me the only thing I could really do is take Tylenol and rest and NOT go see Lori at the hospital.

So I took some Tylenol and could tell I was getting worse. I think that was when I realized I could possibly have a fever. I texted Matt a crazy text because I was crying and couldn't really see what I was writing! I took a nap and still just felt horrible. I also noticed a decrease in baby's movement, but just waited to see what the rest of the day brought. I took some more Tylenol around 5, and Matt got home around 7 and we ate dinner. I felt alittle better and we watched some tv and then went up to bed. Around 3:30 I got the craziest chills I think I have ever had. I was freaking out and knew something was wrong. I was trying to get August to move because I hadn't felt him move until right before bed. I woke up Matt telling him how I was feeling and he told me to take Tylenol but I felt like I was taking too much and it scared me. After that I tried going back to bed, but I was waking up almost every hour to pee and the second I took the covers off I was shaking like crazy. At 6:30 I took my tempature and it was 100.7!

I got my doctors "procedure" book out and it said to call if your tempature was over 103, but I just knew something wasn't right since I still haven't felt August since the night before. I called the office and left a message with the answering service. Dr. Dillon called me back within 15 minutes and I told him what was going on, he told me to go to the hospital and they will call him once I get there and get checked out.

So we go to the ER entry at the hospital at 7 in the morning. Go settled in a REALLY uncomfortable bed by 7:30. The CNA took my blood pressure and hooked me up to a heartrate monitor. He looked at me and was like your heartrate is really high. He then hooked up the baby heartrate monitor, and the baby's heartrate was over 180! Then they took my tempature and it was 101.7.

They called Dr. Dillon and said to give me some Tylenol and just monitor me until he got there. I kept drinking galllllons of water and eating ice and Matt kept wetting a towel for me. It always made me feel alot better.
They hooked me up to an IV for fluid and gave me a vaginal swab to see if I was leaking fluid and they also checked my cervix (0, but soft). They also gave me an ultrasound, if anything was wrong with the baby they would have induced me that day, but everything looked fine.
To make a really long story short, my tempature went from 101 to 103 back to 99 back to 102 and it just never would stay down. After being there for over 12 hours, they finally let me go home!
My fever broke finally at like 4 in the morning. I woke up in a pile of sweat, but it felt good because I knew my fever was gone! Now I just have snot running out of my nose like crazy!
I feel better than yesterday and August is moving around a lot more than before, but I am still not 100%. I go back to the doctor tomorrow, so we will see what happens then.

Thanks for all the prayers and thoughts.


Friday, March 6, 2009


So...I am sick. I don't really know with what, other than this weird cough and chest pain and really weak feeling. I have been resting all day, but it's hard with my crazy dog that just wants to play. I have taken 2 doses of tylenol, since that's all I can take. I am going to go back to bed.

On another note:
My deat Lori Ralph had Jackson Thomas Ralph last night at 9:28 p.m., weighing in at 7.7oz and 20 inches long. I JUST saw pictures of him, he's amazing! I think he looks like Andy.
I can't wait to meet him, but I will have to get over this ANNOYING sickness first.

And only 9 days until my due date.

Love everyone.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Post 100

So, I am now 38 weeks. WHAT?! Where has the time gone!? I know, crazy.
I can't believe that within the next two weeks, both Lori and I will become MOTHERS!
Holy Crap.
Well anyway, Matt has been sick ALL freaking weeks, he is still sick and hasn't taken any kind of medicine which really annoys me! I love Tylenol cold and flu when I'm sick, but NO he doesn't take ANYTHING! He keeps me up at night with his cough and blowing his nose and snoring! I am already up enough with having to pee every hour! I told him this morning, YOU BETTER GET SOME DRUGS!

What is going on right now...
Since 8:15 the Dish Network guy has been here, we had a little problem because the HOA lady can't find the paper that tells you how you can install the dish, so he is just doing it without knowing if it will be up to their standars, I wouldn't care as much, but since I live next to Satan aka old man who is on the board, I'm a little freaked out that he will say something. Whatever, it's not my fault the lady that works at the HOA can't find the paper, she doesn't even know what I'm talking about, it's so annoying. She told me she can't get ahold of the people that know and they won't be in for an hour. COOL. So it's now 10:38 and he's still here, he didn't start until 9:30, he waited for me to get ahold of that lady. Whatever. I am annoyed. I am also sweating and really want to shower, but of course I can't because he is still here!

Gibby won't stop barking at him either, annoying.

I have a vet appointment for Champ at 4:15 today, he had blood in his urine last night. My poor baby has a UTI and I feel horrible because I should have taken him a long time ago!

Well other than that, nothing really new. I go to the doctor again on Thursday, March mom's 43rd birthday!
Maybe something will happen, since I do want this baby to be born on 3/6/09!

That's it.

Hope everyone is good!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bed Time

Well I should be going to bed, but I really don't want the task of trying to get comfy....
So I'm sitting on the floor, which actually doesn't feel bad. I will soon go to the futon couch that's downstairs and sleep..oh how I am not looking forward to sleeping!
However I am looking forward to that doctors appointment tomorrow at ten!
Keep you all posted!


I still have my belly button and I'm excited about that!
I really can't wait until I can sleep on my stomach!
I HATE when dogs lick.
I watch Law & Order ALL day long! No JOKE!

That's it.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Who do you bank with and do you like them, or are you thinking of changing?
We currently have WaMu, which I have used since 2003. Since they have been bought out by Chase, I think I'm starting to NOT like them. I used to love them, and now I'm just annoyed. I really would like to switch banks.
I talked to Michelle about Coast Hills Credit Union, which so far online I like what they have to offer.
I was wondering what other banks people use. (I REFUSE to use Bank of America).

Thank you!

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Matt is in LA with Dennis & Michelle for I.A.'s last show. I am just chillin, doing work actually. I worked about 4 hours this evening, which is good! I am also watching Law & Order and sitting in the worst chair for my back! I am in so much pain in my back and stomach that I seriously think I became numb and it doesn't hurt anymore!
Anyway, I don't want to go to bed yet cause I want to stay up as late as possible and I know Matt will be calling I don't want to go to bed and then get awaken by his call.

Danielle and I hung out today. It was fun. We went and got pedi/mani's. Then we went to the mall (if you can even call it that!) and had Hot Dog on a Stick (Yum). Danielle did some shopping, I did some people watching.

Anyway.. nothing much has changed in the past few days. My next doctors appointment is Thursday at 10:15.

I will be 37 weeks tomorrow. CRAZY.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


So here is a list of dates that if August is born on..who he will share a birthday with.

Feb. 21 - Grandpa Rick
Feb. 24 - Jon Brown
Feb. 27 - Ella Rittenhouse
March 5 - My mom
March 9 - Wiss, + a million people
March 12 - Amy
March 17 - St. Patricks Day
March 18 - Dill Weed
March 24 - Danielle
March 28/29 - I don't remember what day but I know Jim Haynie and my aunt have a birthday around these dates and I also know that Christopher (wiss' & michelle's cousins baby) has a March birthday, same with their grandma

Let's make a bet:

Give me the Date, Weight & Length Baby Bandy will be

My guess:

3/6/09 - 8.8lbs - 22 inches

What is yours?!?

Can't sleep.

So I've been up since 4:45, really not cool. I am really tired but I CAN'T fall asleep!

Here are some pictures yesterday!
(Pretty much if you read Danielle's blog, they will be the same!)
My feet are dirty because we took Gibby, Lucy, Bentley, and Daisy to the dog park and it was pretty much a MUD hole. Gibby decided to LAY in it! She was really bad and not listening and I had to chase her with flip flops mud! It smelt like poop, it was pretty much gross, but I know the dogs had a really good time, as did me, Danielle, and Lori.
Yesterday was good.
Went to bfast with Wiss and got my oil changed and brakes replaced (that sucked...170 bucks later) then went to lunch with Matt (I didn't eat, I just sat there) then we sat in his truck on the bed watching people go in and out of BIG K. Then Lori met up with me and we went to the dog park and met with Danielle. Then we went to Taco Bell and talked about funny things. Then we went to motherhood (pictures) and that was fun. Got 2 bras for when I'm nursing (YIKES). Then me and Lori went to AG and met back up with Danielle at Wal Mart and returned some expaaaansive light bulbs and got some 5 dollar deals on their clothes. Then we met Andy, Matt and Wiss at Starbucks and decided to go BACK to slo and eat at Firestone. Did so and had a lot of fun. Then went to the candy shoppe that was fun. Some hippie asked Lori if she wanted his spaghetti same lady gave to him.. it was weird. Then we went back to AG and I drove Gibby home and gave her a bath at 9:45 at night, she wasn't very happy. But now she's nice and clean!
Overall had a really good day!
Now in about 3 1/2 hours I'll be at the doctors!
More to come later today.
Hope everyone has a good one.
xo krista

Sunday, February 15, 2009


So last night I decided I was going to put together the pack n play, which was really easy after I figured out how to get it locked and sitting up! I had to have Matt do it, but I put everything else together.
Then I put together this infant seat that we got from the Santiagos.
I also put the monitor together and put batteries in the other swing.
I got all the laundry that still needs to be washed, got my hospital bag somewhat together.
Just a bunch of random things in the room.
We got these decals that are robots to put on the walls! We will do that today. And then Matt wanted to get this IRON MAN figure it is really cool, so we bought it at Target and will look good in the room!
I just need to get this baby out so he/I can enjoy all the cool things/clothes in his room!!

I am hoping for 16 more days! Haha.

Alright well I need to shower, I smell really bad.
We are going to put together the car seat and stroller today and then put the other TV upstairs in our room and clean out more of the closet in the babies room.
I am just in a total nesting phase right now, the house has never been so clean haha.


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My Appointment.

So at work today I wasn't feeling good. Probably the worst I have felt since I've been pregnant. I was having ALOT of pressure down there and I got light headed and really dizzy and I started shaking. I waited until 1:45 to call the doctors office, and they asked me to come in at 2:30. So I went in and they had me pee in a different cup, so they could test it, which usually I do myself. I asked why, and they said to make sure it's not my bladder...? So I waited for awhile and then finally they called my name. Oh and also my weight was less 3 pounds than last time, however I am wearing leggings and NOT jeans!
So I went in and they drew blood and then the doctor came in and I told him how I was feeling. He thought this was a normal visit, but I actually wasn't scheduled to come in until next Thursday, which he was kind of mad about because I'm suppose to be going in every week now, so he was glad I came in. He did the Group B test or whatever it is, and then checked my cervix. I am NOT dilated and everything is normal. He said he's dropping so I'm going to be feeling more and more pressure down there.
It is so hard for me to walk, it HURTS when I walk. He said I am having contractions, but that I can't really feel (whatever that means).
Anyway, so I am okay.. OH wait the best part about going in today.. he told me since I've been feeling that way at work, he put me on disability! I couldn't be more excited, only because it is really hard for me to focus at work. He asked me what I did when I was feeling light headed and told him just sat there and drank water, cause I couldn't lay down. That's what made him make the choice of putting me on disability!
So today was my official last day of work, except I will be working from home (on the side) so I can still get a paycheck (on the side) and disability pay!

I feel A LOT better now and I am glad everything is ok. The baby's heart rate was 150, last time it was 160 but he said when he gets bigger, it gets slower.
So I go in next Thursday for another routine check up, and then maybe the following week another ultrasound.

That's all!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Don't look down...whatever you do.


Last night I was really interested in seeing what I looked like "down there." So I went pee and stood on the toilet and asked Matt to see what it was like. He said AH it's probably just real we looked. HOLY CRAP. It was like a monster or something. What the hell was it. It sure wasn't a normal looking vajayjay. It was like an inverted something or another.
Pregnancy does some crazy things to you. But I think I had nightmares of it.
I asked Lori if shes seen hers lately.. and her responce was "It's like a double vagina!"

HAHAHA. I thought you guys MIGHT get a laugh out of this.
And it's like POURING again. The streets are starting to flood... I LOVE IT!

Well have a good day, and try not to think about this post too much! HAHA!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Ew little bratty boys

So I love kids..I mean of course, I'm pregnant and have always wanted kids. But there is a certain age group of kids that DRIVE ME CRAZY. It usually starts around the age of 7-8 and last until 15-16. I really can't stand the 9-12 year olds. No offense to anyone, I just really have always had a hard time dealing with how immature they are and it's such a weird stage in life. You aren't a toddler anymore so you shouldn't have your pout session, however you are still young and you sometimes don't know better.. then you get to where you think you know everything!
Well I bring this up because I was in the babys room and Gibby was barking like crazy so I look outside and there is a kid close to our front door with a GUN! I assumed it was a BB gun, or an air gun, BUT STILL! He's out running around the neighbor with a huge ass gun, that from a distance looks like a rifle!
SO I ran downstairs, cause he was looking through our window, but without getting too close to the window.. you know what I mean..
Anyway I ran downstairs yelling at Matt. I opened the door and he was gone. THEN i turned around and saw I left my keys in the door!!! I was like so scared for a moment, what if he took them!? So I got the keys and went inside and locked the door and told Matt.
Then just now Gibby started barking again and I heard kids outside yelling..
I look and they are loading the gun.. with whatever it takes for ammo. I was like REALLY pissed because there are a lot of little kids and pets around here and people drive like crazy people and these kids just ran in and out of the street all the time!
Anyway.. my mom NEVER let me or my brother have a gun, she even hated water guns! Finally my brother was allowed to get a BB gun at a mature age where he freaking knew better. These kids are probably like 9-12 at the oldest. It really bothers me that their parents let them run around this neighborhood with a gun that COULD hurt someone.
It's one thing if you live out on some property where you don't really have neighbors... but to live this close.. what if I walked outside as they were shooting it?!
AHH. It just drives me crazy.
I am totally not ANTI GUNS.. I mean look at my parents and their house!!!
But I am against little kids that don't know better with a BB gun that could really hurt you.. ask Danielle and Lori! We have all been shot at with one and it's not really THAT funny to get hit with a BB!

Anyway that's my crazy rant of the day. I sometimes wish my crazy neighbor would yell at the kids hahaha. But then I would have some respect for him, and we don't want that!!

Well off to putting things away in the babys room again!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Diaper Bag

What was/is in your newborns diaper bag.

Thank you.


Yes, we had Lamaze last night.
I thought it was good, but funny. I know next week I'll probably laugh way to much. The teacher is amazing and I really like her and I think she really likes me and Matt. She also noticed that Matt really knows how to do massages (that was part of our breathing 1 technique) and said something about a full body massage and all I could think of was Body Massage Go.
She also liked to ask us a lot of questions along with 2 other couples there that she liked to "pick" on. But I think it's only because she liked us!
I'm excited for next week though. And then the 3rd week is the tour of the hospital.
ALSO, did you know that Marian gives birth to 200-300 babies a MONTH! How insane is that. The largest in the state maybe even country! It's like really insane and I could say something really bad but I won't.
OH and also, last night 2 girls walked in and one said kinda under her breath but I totally heard her.. "We are lesbians" and I laughed SO hard. They were sisters, really funny sisters from Nipomo and they were freaking so funny I swear. I couldn't believe she said that.

Anyway, I really am glad we are taking these classes. It opened my eyes to alot of things.
Your body can do anything, and yes I would rather have a C-Section with a huge ass baby, but if I don't I am ok with it. I am also ok with not getting drugs. Watching the video just made me realize... YOU CAN DO IT.

That's all.


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Life Ahead

So today I was thinking about after August is born.
How are we going to cope with me not working?
What are we going to do once my disability insurance runs out and we have little income?
I have to make the choice to go back to work full time and find day care....
I know these are things we should have thought about before we got pregnant, but we sorta didn't know we were gonna get pregnant when we did!
We don't have family out here that can watch August.
I really don't know what we are going to do. I don't want to go back to work, I don't want to put my child in day care with a stranger. I don't want to pay the day care person the same amount I'm making!
This is going to be a big challenge and a big decision that we are going to have to make.
If we lived outside of California, it wouldn't be a big deal. I probably wouldn't work, or work part time. But the fact that it's expensive to live here and we have bills bills will be impossible for me to not work.
But how do I go back to work!?
I guess the next 4 months, will be the best four months until I have to face reality.

Monday, February 2, 2009


Who does your taxes?
Some Professional

Let me know. I've been using Turbo Tax forever.. so I want to see what everyone else does.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Baby Shower

Yesterday was the baby shower. I had a lot of fun. I didn't stress out as much as I thought I would and the only point I stressed out was when my mom started stressing out when everyone started showing up and she was still at the house getting sick. (for some reason she thought it started at 2....)
We got a lot of stuff we needed, a lot of really cute thoughtful gifts, and different gifts..haha.

Lori did an amazing job, not only with the whole shower, but those cookies were amazing. And Krista did an amazing job on that owl cake! I couldn't believe it! That family is so crafty!

Anyway, I had a really good time and got to see all my family and friends together and it was great. Saw a lot of family I haven't seen in awhile and miss and wish I could see more.

Thank you everyone for making yesterday wonderful!

When we got home my mom and I put together the thing from Ikea that we got and set up Augusts' room and it just felt so real..there's a baby that will be in our life in the next few weeks and it's just crazy!
I can't wait to put him in all those clothes or wrap him in those amazing hand made blankets..
Use those diapers and wipes and hopefully not get peed on!!

34 weeks today.....
Doctors on Wednesday...
Let's see what he says!

Love everyone,

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Let me update you.

I have extremely bad farts, they started when I ate a Fiber Bar and had an artichoke the same night. And now it's like never ending FERRRp, ew that smells.
Two nights ago I had a laughing attack in bed because I farted on gibby's head (im laughing so hard right now its hard to type) and she got up and out of the covers really pissed looking, then matts like KRISTA.. then i just lost it and laughed and laughed and cried and then I started to stop and Matt said something which made me laugh more because he just needed to not say anything, oh I was just laughing so freaking hard.. for a good 10-15 minutes.

Im going to get my mother tomorrow at LAX, and going to Ikea and I'm excited!
The shower is Saturday, and I'm excited.

Michelle's mad if I get a different stroller! Taryn is funny and hard to read her when it's on a text!

Wiss is making some good salsa.
Lori and Danielle are just going to do really cool things.
Krista P. is making a really awesome cake.

Amy is going to do my hair friday.
erin is just cool along with everyone else I didnt list. ( just means i haven't talked to you today!)

This post is really weird and I'm sorry...but I have to poop really bad for the second time today!!! (which is good, i just dont want those THINGS you get when your pregnant and poop...i refuse to say them cause im scared ill get them) and im farting so much right now and its horrible smelling
you are love me i know. i love you too


Saturday, January 24, 2009


Today I found out that a girl I worked with at Walgreens when I lived in Lake Havasu died in a car accident on Labor Day last year. She was only a couple years older than me and the last time I talked to her was before our wedding. She was going to come out but couldn't because she had 3 boys that she needed to take care of, and at the time was going through a seperation with her husband (I think they later got back together).
Anyway, I just found out today and I am heart broken. Her name was Maria and she was a crazy Jeff Jordan fan. She even had a Monte Carlo with Jeff Gordan racing stuff all over it. She was so funny and I loved working with her.
I always wanted to go back to Havasu just to see her, but I won't ever have that chance.

I just googled to see if I could find anything.. and this is what I found..
she was only 28...

Don't drink and drive.. don't get in a car with a person that's been drinking.

I love you Mrs. Bon Bon. RIP.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Stewie is so annoying right now!!!!!!

My cat is also crazy. This was taken around Christmas time, if you leave anything open in the kitchen, he jumps in it. Like the frig or the cupboard and even the dishwasher.

I guess normal doesn't run in my family of animals.

Ah hell nah.

So I'm really scared that we are going to owe taxes again this year. I seriously don't know how it's possible, but I seriously think we are. Matt has the max taken out of his check, and I claim 2, which I don't see how that could make that huge of a difference. We get credit for paying interest on our mortgage and for paying property taxes...I went to put Matt's last "paycheck" in because we don't have his W2 yet and it said we would owe! I hope I am doing something wrong because I swear if we owe I'll be ragging against this nation.

I know that what we get back will just go right to the state because of last year.. but as long as we don't owe additional then I'm ok with it.

Well..I guess I will have to wait until we get his stupid form, which I thought would have come with his paycheck! UH.

I also have been having really bad heartburn, and it sucks! At least I think that is what it is.

I'm going to lay down. I'm tired and annoyed by the bratty kids outside.

I need to move to the country for some peace and quite!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

She's got big balls, He's got big balls...but We've got the biggest balls of them all....

Right well today was my much anticipated doctors appointment. All day I was stressing out and thinking these things in my head:
-He's going to be huge
-I'm going to have GD
-I'm going to gain at least 2-4 pounds from the last time I was there
-They are going to change my due date to March 1st
-I'm going to forget to talk about how I've been feeling lately with my doctor

And here's how today went...
Got there and weighed myself..check, gained what I thought I would
Had the ultrasound..check, he's already over 5 pounds (the books say your baby should be between 3.5 & 4)
The ultrasound date said my EDD is around 3/2-3/6..check, they didn't change the date, but I mean seriously the ultrasound says he's measuring at 34 weeks and that would make my due date closer to the 1st!
They think he's big because either he's just a big baby (his father was a huge baby) or because I had GD..check, I can't have anymore ORANGE JUICE, ORANGE JUICE PEOPLE, look at my blog it's a girl with a glass of OJ! I can't have any juice for that matter, and I can only drink 1% or non fat milk (i'm a 2%er) I have to totally watch my sugar intake until I find out for sure if I have GD which is in 2 weeks I go in again for that nasty drink.
Did I talk to them about how I've been feeling..check...NOPE!

So my day went as planned!

But the good news, August is healthy...heart, brain, body everything. He is just a really big baby. He has a big head, nose, feet, hands, arms, legs, belly...and BALLS. Gosh baby boys balls look HUGE it's insane to me. And yes he is head down with his elbows in my left lower side and his legs in my right rib cage.
I got NO sleep last night what so ever, but I guess if I lay off the juice maybe it will help me sleep..maybe it's making me wired..? I don't know, but if someone doesn't drink that gallon of OJ that's in the fridge.. I'm going to go crazy seeing it every day!!!

Anyway, I have a dvd and I will try and post pictures soon of his little face that we FINALLY got to see!!! Although his hands were in his face most of the time, and he gave us the middle finger once, and yawned a million times, it was really cute. It's so real now. I saw a baby inside me, not just a blurry picture that looked like a baby. I saw what he's going to look like, I saw his Schurman nose!
I really can't wait now.. Matt was so excited. He was standing up most of the ultrasound just starring at the screen. And my grandma (baby's great grandma) went with us! I know she really enjoyed it and I'm glad she was able to go!!

Alright well I am so tired and I am going to try and go to bed early tonight. Matt said he'd give me a butt massage, I'm in a lot of pain soooooooo..

Alright well bless everyone!!!!!!!!! Love you all and see you this weekend I'm sure!!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Attn: Grocery Store Shoppers...(MOMS!)

Hey guys,
So I'm sure all of us would like to save a few dollars here and there. My mom used to use coupons all the time and told me that I really need to start because with the baby coming and me not working full time, money is going to be really tight.
I thought it would be cool if I could get a group together that would start cutting coupons and pick what ones they want and then send them to one person and that person does the same, so all the coupons will get around to everyone. The paper is $1.50 I think, which 1 coupon would make up for the cost. Usually they are better in the LA or San Fran paper, but I did get the Santa Maria Times a few weekends ago and they had some good bathroom stuff in there. I know it will take awhile to get our coupon book filled up, but I think if we start now it would really benefit all of us. Especially for those buying diapers, wipes and baby food.
Please let me know if you are interested so we can set up some sort of system on who gets whose coupons and then who gets them after the next person. Someone will always get second dibs on the coupons...You of course will have first dibs on the paper you buy, and so forth..

Also, there are a few online sites that have coupons, I will have to get them from my mom. But I have to say that she is crazy and gets stuff for FREE! She would have a coupon for $1.00 and say it's on sell and there's some type of rebate.. she would actually get money back from buying the item! She's crazy though.. and shops at like 3 different stores. One of them being Walgreens and the other is a Grocery Outlet, which makes since to shop at...there's nothing wrong with the food, and of course I wouldn't buy fresh produce or meat there, but anything in a can or box, or cleaner...

Ok so enough of how good this could be for all of us..
Please let me know if you would like to do this.. I really hope some of you want to!

Love you all,

PS my doctor's appointment is tomorrow, I think I'm most anxious about this one than any other!

How low can you go..

so my grandma keeps saying this to me...
you are carrying so low, you are gonna give birth to that baby sooner than later..
you are ready to pop krista..
you better watch yourself so you can lose that weight after you have that baby, you really have to try and not just say you are
you are so low

I love my grandma. I know I'm big and I know I look like I could pop, but I still have 6-8 weeks to go!!!!

Now I get ready for work, oh and ps no clothes fit me anymore. my belly shows with everything i wear! it's annoying.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Vent #2

I just got a voicemail from my boss who had a voicemail from a customer who said this..
"Hey Paul, I know I had an appointment with you in the morning..but uh I forgot that the president thing is tomorrow...and so I'm pretty sure I'll be watching that all day... and so can I reschedule to another day.."

Ok first off, my boss will probably only be there for AN HOUR, second...he doesn't really need to sit there and talk to her, just measure and see how long our equipment was there for.. third...her house had a flood..and she would rather put that off and watch the freaking president..which that speech crap will be on ALL DAY! Seriously... seriously... I'm sure she will have a box of tissue next to her too.

I refuse to turn on the tv tomorrow. or the radio. or even the internet.


Ok so I was downstairs putting up pictures and my grandma has the CNN news on or something, and of course all they are talking about is Obama.. which I don't care, I mean he becomes our president tomorrow. HOWEVER, with today being Martin Luther King day, and tomorrow being the BIG DAY...the news reporters are only talking about Barack being AFRICAN AMERICAN.
They are talking about how we are going to be watching an African American father with his wife and two young daughters grow up in the white house..and blah blah blah..
Honestly, he is a freaking PERSON, his daughters are young girls..his wife is a middle aged lady, I could really CARE LESS IF THEY ARE BLACK!!!!!!!!!!!
You are segregating the President and his family, because every sentence begins with..he's African American.

What if he was Chinese, would you say..oh we are watching a Chinese family in the white house..
we are watching a Mexican family grow up with two young girls..NO you probably wouldn't mention it.

I want tomorrow to be over with, I want the next few weeks of news coverage to be over with.

I also don't want to see children's books and games about Obama...did we have those when Kennedy was president..clinton...bush...washington!? NO! So why they hell..oh wait it's cause he's African American...I forgot that already..

McCain/Palin 2012. HAHAHHAAHHA

Listen to your body..

I called the doctor's office and told them how I have been feeling. The nurse said this, "You need to listen to your body and rest....(someone in the back)..and you need to get some more protein."
So I think I'm going to put myself on bed rest until Wednesday, when I actually go in and they can check my blood pressure and tell me if I'm just stressing myself out.

I really want to cry but I'm at work, so I need to keep myself together until I get home. Which I'm going to do real in 30 minutes.

I really only get good sleep from 6:00 am.-8:00 am..and it sucks!

Sunday, January 18, 2009


I just got done watching YOUTUBE videos of Boston Terriers and I noticed like every owner of a BT has TWO! I told Matt this and he said "we should get another one"


He said, if we didn't have two cats and a baby on the way, we could totally get another one.

I have this LOVE for Boston Terries that I think only owners of really cool dogs can feel. Like Danielle, I'm sure LOVES Boxers ( I do too, even though I'm not an owner of one). I love all dogs, but if I see a BT or even a Boxer I freak out. Ive been seeing this guy all last week running with his boston terrier and i seriously want to pull over and talk to him.

I know I am crazy, but as soon as baby is 1 and we have money....I might just have to get another..
It's like having a sibling for your child. Gibby needs another dog to play with all the time.

hahahaha BTW, I will never get another dog until we move out of this small house...we would need a yard before we got another dog.. so DONT WORRY.. I won't go out and get another dog like I went out and got a cat!!!!!

I'm going to bed now!!!!!!!!!! I hope I sleep good like last night! Except I'm drinking a glass of water, so I'm sure I'll get up at least twice!

push, push, push yourself...too hard.

So lately I haven't been feeling good at all. I just feel that I'm either getting sick, or my body is going through wild changes the past few days that my levels of whatever have been off.

It started Monday, I could tell I was getting sick, I would wake up with a sore throat and just my body was poopy. Then Tuesday came and same thing, and at work Tanya was sick with what I felt like I would be getting. My nose was stuffy but runny, my head hurt whatever...
skip to Saturday... My grandma and I went to the mall and then to Wal-Mart and at about the end of the Wal-Mart trip I was getting all blah feeling, I didn't want to walk I just wanted to sit down and not move. We met Matt at Panera (it's way better than it was the first time I went! I hate going to new places when they first open up) and I was so hot and just felt like crap and my heels were KILLING me.
Saturday night I had Matt put this foot lotion on my feet because I seriously can't walk on my heels, I think they might just be cracked REALLY bad.
Today.....I got ready and my grandma and I went to Kohls and Target...I was sweating like a cow in Kohls and I said something to the girl at the register and she said she thought it was hot in there, so I figured it was just hot and not me. Then we got to Target and we walked in and I serioulsy didn't want to move, we got to the aisle where the curtains were and I had to sit on the shelf on the bottom because I couldn't move and I thought I was going to pass out, again sweating like a cow. We hurried home because I thought I was going to pass out and grandma can't drive so that wouldn't be good.
We got home and I took my shoes off and it hurt so bad to first put them on and then take them off. but when i got home I wanted to get the curtains up and clean up the house and I just kept going and going and going and didn't stop. finally i just laid down because i felt like i was running a tempature. i laid there for awhile and then got dizzy so i got some food because i thought that would help.
then matt asked if i wanted to go with him to the mcdonalds so i put on my slipper socks, dare i try to put on shoes again...even my crocs hurt!
i had to tippy toe pretty much to the car.. i felt good until we started driving HOME from there house. i was talking to matt about family drama and i lost my train of thought and i swear the car was driving on two wheels, i felt like the right side tires went flat because i felt really off balance... so i stopped talking and closed my eyes and then opened them..and everything went back to normal.

I don't know if these feelings are normal and I'm just crazy.. or what.
I do feel though that I am trying to do too much and pushing myself to do all this stuff without taking a break inbetween.

I really can't wait to go to the doctor wednesday so i can tell him all this stuff about how ive been feeling really weird and how my feet are killing me.. matt says they look normal (not swollen like crazy) but i dont know why my heels hurt SO bad. its mostly my left one, matt says its probably not pregnancy related, but whatever im going to ask.

also, i think i got bigger over night from friday to saturday. and i feel that ive gained like 5 pounds since the last time i went to the doctor, and if thats the case he's going to be PISSED.

ok well i need some water and lurk the message boards..

ps. seeing how matt is with olivia gets me really excited to see how he is going to be with august.
and hearing little kids fart and burp is really funny to me.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Read only if you want to cry

I've been reading message board and the above link is to a girl that lost her baby, she knew that once he was born he wouldn't survive. Her strength is amazing, this girl is amazing. I couldn't read all of it, but the pictures are worth a million sad words.
It's really eye opening..and I really think you should just look at it, you don't have to read every word.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Birth Weight

Officially - Matt was 10lbs 3 oz and 22 1/2 inches long.
Born at 6:44 a.m. on 5/29/81

For me.. I don't know
I think it was 12:34 p.m on 9/9/84, but I need to find out my weight and length.

Also...I really don't want to say this, but I'm at the point where I'm tired of being pregnant. I'm 32 weeks (on Sunday) and I'm just really starting to hurt and really can't sleep at all anymore. I woke up at 3 last night and couldn't fall back asleep, I love sleeping on my back now, which I used to ALWAYS be a side sleeper. My brain thinks to much at night.. AH.

I just want to meet my little boy (but not early!)

Matt's mom sent baby pictures of him for a game for the shower and I just want to see what our guy is going to look like..will he have Matts huge head and nose? my nose(that i love..weird, i love my nose and lips haha)
Will he had crazy curly blonde hair like matt? (i think so, my brother and dad and curly blonde hair...and wait until you see the pictures of matts! it looked like a wig it was crazy!)
and I'm sure it will be curly or wavy..we both have some pretty curly/wavy hair.

also...I need to be banned from Target!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, January 11, 2009


So lately I have been reading these pregnancy message boards just to see what other people are saying about being due in March. After hours of reading I always feel really unprepared to go into the hospital, and to have August come home!
I think it's because I can't really do much until his room is done and the shower is over. But I just really hate this feeling.
Today I went through a cleaning craze.. which I think I'm starting to "Nest".
I cleaned the living room and re-organized everything and cleaned the floor like crazy and am just trying to get things looking better so I don't stress about it when I have a baby!
Also, Matt pulled up all the carpet in the baby's room today, (we no longer have ANY carpet!!!) because by Tuesday the floor is going to be done! (our room finished, the hallway, and Augusts' room!) Which I am so excited about because I feel that after that is done I can arrange all the furniture how I want it and just start getting things ready!

AHH.. but I just still feel like everything is coming so fast! I mean today I'm 31 weeks...and next week I'll be 32 weeks and I go have an ultrasound (what if he tells me my edd has changed to March 1st...!?) .

AND here is my schedule for the next few weeks

Jan. 21st - Ultrasound
Jan. 24th - Olivia's Bday party
Jan. 25th - Parker's Bday party
Jan. 29th - pick up mom at lax and go to ikea
Jan. 31st - baby shower
Feb. 1st - take mom and gma back to lax
Feb. 3rd - breastfeeding class/child care
Feb. 5th - Lamaze
Feb. 6th - wheel of fortune! (hopefully)
Feb. 10th - breastfeeding/child care class
Feb. 12th - Lamaze
Feb. 14th - valentines day (lame day probably)
Feb. 19th - Lamaze
Feb. 21st - IA's last show (maybe ill go)
Feb. 26th - Lamaze
Feb. 28th - Ella's bday party (?)

Seriously.. isn't that schedule looking alittle crazy!?!?!?!?

Friday, January 9, 2009

Cry me a river...ohhhh.

So last night.. no bueno.
I slept like CRAP. I pretty much didn't sleep more than 2 hours at a time. I woke up at 12, 2, 4, 7, and finally had a good 8:00-8:35 sleep time. I didn't shower, I just got ready and went to work. I am in the worst mood ever, people at work are driving me CRAZY!

I am in that mood where I just want to cry and cry and cry just to let everything out, even though I don't have anything to really cry about. I want to just go home and lay in bed and sleep until tomorrow.

Also, last night when I was trying to sleep, I could only sleep on my right side, or my back. I just really like sleeping on my back! And I really like to drink during the night. I went through a glass of OJ and a glass of Grape Juice from 9:00 p.m. - 4:45 a.m.
I am so thirsty and night and I know that's part of the reason that keeps me up. And my neck has been hurting really bad lately too, which is another reason why I can't sleep.

And one more thing to complain about...
Whenever the baby moves, I get really sick to my stomach like I am going to throw up and it's the worst feeling ever. Even if I eat it stills makes me sick feeling.

I need a really good nap and some really good food and some ice cold water.


Thursday, January 8, 2009

Sleep Tight....Don't let the cracked ribs keep you up at night..

I don't have cracked ribs, but I have been sleep like crap lately! My neck has been hurting so bad, I'm so thirsty at night but I don't want to drink anything cause I don't want to get up a million times to pee. But then I just end up waking up real early and going downstairs to get a full glass of juice cause I can't stand how thirsty I am. I need to use more pillows, I used to use like 5 and now I'm down to 3. I think I need more head and back support.
August has actually been really active during the day, early evening and then is pretty mellow when I try going to bed, which is nice. He's not kicking a soccer ball around in the middle of the night anymore. (PS I hate soccer, so I really pretend like he's kicking field goals with a football, but that would be weird saying).

Anyway.. Grandma is coming today. I think I have to pick her up in SLO, but I'm not 100% sure on that.

And that's all.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Are you having a girl!?

So I walked into the doctor's office and sat down, and as I was sitting...this WT girl was like...
So you having a girl..?
and I was like.."Ha, no actually I'm having a boy..."
Her response was..."OH"
and I didn't ask her what she was having, cause I didn't really care and it was just really weird.
Why do WT pregnant girls find the need to talk to me?! It happened in the bank too, and the girl was SO loud, louder than me! I was so embarrassed like people thought I was with her or something!!!
Am I really that WT looking?!
(don't answer that! hahhaa)

Titters are finers. To take the drug or not..

So my boob is fine I guess. He said that he didn't feel anything that was not normal tissue. The pain has pretty much gone away for the most part. I guess I just freaked myself out.. but it's better safe than sorry.

I have been having some insane rib pain today, worse than ever before. I was pretty sure the past few days he had gotten away from the ribs, but boy was I wrong. He has been in them and pushing his little booty or whatever it is continuously into them. He has kicked or punched or whatever me today so hard I yelled out loud at work. I would never wish this kind of pain in the ribs on anyone, because not only does it hurt, but you are NEVER comfortable.
I know I complain about this a lot, but it hurts that much to complain about it that much!!!!!
Anyway, when I went to see Dr. Dillon, he also checked the heartbeat and it was 160. I go back on the 21st for my ultrasound. That is going to be funny.

I'm excited for my mom to be here in 24 days, she probably will think I have gotten huge since the last time I saw her.
It will be nice to have her here and then knowing she will be back for the birth, which we talked about today.

I have been thinking more and more of NOT getting an epidural. My mom had both my brother and I without one, and she had just turned 18 when she had me, not that age matters. But for her to have me so young and then my brother 2 1/2 years later and want to experience the birth with no drugs in her, find it pretty cool.
Also, I just keep thinking about the life style Matt and I live.
We are both "Straight Edge" and for some reason I just feel that I shouldn't get it because of that. I know some of you think that's a lame excuse, but for me and for how I live.. I don't.
Matt said it is like taking Tylenol, but I don't think so. This is a drug they stick in your spine that makes your body do weird things. Tylenol sometimes just makes the pain go away, doesn't make you do crazy things, or have a reaction over your body.

AH! So I don't know. My mom thinks that all you need is a good breathing technique. That's what she used. She really liked her Lamaze class and said it was the best thing ever for her.
I will have to wait and see I guess. I start class next month. I can't wait for it. I think it's going to be funny, I don't know why.
This is all I have to write. I need to stand up so I can take some pressure off my ribs.
Also Matt wants to eat as soon as he gets home, cause he's STARVING he says.

Peace Out