Sunday, January 11, 2009


So lately I have been reading these pregnancy message boards just to see what other people are saying about being due in March. After hours of reading I always feel really unprepared to go into the hospital, and to have August come home!
I think it's because I can't really do much until his room is done and the shower is over. But I just really hate this feeling.
Today I went through a cleaning craze.. which I think I'm starting to "Nest".
I cleaned the living room and re-organized everything and cleaned the floor like crazy and am just trying to get things looking better so I don't stress about it when I have a baby!
Also, Matt pulled up all the carpet in the baby's room today, (we no longer have ANY carpet!!!) because by Tuesday the floor is going to be done! (our room finished, the hallway, and Augusts' room!) Which I am so excited about because I feel that after that is done I can arrange all the furniture how I want it and just start getting things ready!

AHH.. but I just still feel like everything is coming so fast! I mean today I'm 31 weeks...and next week I'll be 32 weeks and I go have an ultrasound (what if he tells me my edd has changed to March 1st...!?) .

AND here is my schedule for the next few weeks

Jan. 21st - Ultrasound
Jan. 24th - Olivia's Bday party
Jan. 25th - Parker's Bday party
Jan. 29th - pick up mom at lax and go to ikea
Jan. 31st - baby shower
Feb. 1st - take mom and gma back to lax
Feb. 3rd - breastfeeding class/child care
Feb. 5th - Lamaze
Feb. 6th - wheel of fortune! (hopefully)
Feb. 10th - breastfeeding/child care class
Feb. 12th - Lamaze
Feb. 14th - valentines day (lame day probably)
Feb. 19th - Lamaze
Feb. 21st - IA's last show (maybe ill go)
Feb. 26th - Lamaze
Feb. 28th - Ella's bday party (?)

Seriously.. isn't that schedule looking alittle crazy!?!?!?!?


  1. Everything will come together in time Krista don't worry!! If it makes you feel better I didn't bring clothes for myself to the hospital with BOTH kids!

  2. i can;t believe how far along you are! when emerick was born, i went throug a sad week or so, where i reallly missed the nesting period. weird i know. it will all come together, and you will look back and miss all the preperation. what kind of flooring is going in upstairs and in august's room? post pics of his room when it is done!