Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Arms & Legs

So this morning I woke up...and I said to myself...Krista, you are going to shave those nasty hairy arms and legs of yours today, no matter what or how bad it hurts to bend over.
So I turned the bath on, and began the long process of shaving (below my knees). It felt SO good to have smooth legs, holy crap. It hurt alittle to bend over and shave but I was sitting in the tub with my legs up and I don't know it was easier than standing and trying to do it. Next I did my arms. 1, because I usually keep them shaved and 2, because when I had that IV in it hurt to take the tape off because of my hairy arms.
So come on labor, bring it. I am ready to tackle you...other than still being sick of course.
How am I suppose to get rid of this sore throat/nasty cough when all I can do is take tylenol!?
I want some real drugs right now. Some Tylenol cold & flu would be lovely!
Alright that's it. Nothing new, other than I'm nice and smooth, ready for people to grab my legs and say PUSH, without them getting eatin by the hair on my legs. HAHAHA. I make myself laugh.


  1. you're crazy!

    and what happened to living a drug-free lifestyle? haha, I kid I kid.

  2. haha, i did all that too, except the arms. i even managed to sort of groom downstairs ;)

    but geez, i know how hard it can be to do something as simple as shave when you have a 10 pounder in your abdomen ;) ;)