Friday, February 6, 2009

Diaper Bag

What was/is in your newborns diaper bag.

Thank you.


  1. Are we talking about what to bring to the hospital? Here's what I brought...

    A going home outfit... something comfy and easy.
    Mittens. (To prevent scratches on the face.)
    Tiny socks. (Their feet are way smaller than you'd think.)
    A soft comfy blanket.
    Wipes because sometimes the hospital has the ones you have to wet yourself and that's annoying.
    Nipple cream for you! Bring it and use it every time you nurse!!!
    Little pants. Sometimes their little legs get cold but the hospital only provides shirts for the babes... no pants.

    I have a huge list of everything I brought when I had Faye. I'll send it to you. It was stuff for me and her and I'm glad I brought everything I did because I used all of it.

  2. i responded to you on myspace...but are you talking about your hospital bag? or diaper bag for after you come home?

  3. I was talking about jhust a daily diaper bag, but the hospital one is good to know too!

  4. the hospital bag.

    *pair of pajamas or comfy outfit for yourself. (i could not put mine on until the following day, when the bleeding subsided. you will bleed through 2 pads, and onto the bed sheets every 30 mins for the first 24 hours or so, i was not expecting that!

    *nursing bra/nipple cream

    *don't bother packing your own undies, and make sure to take extra of the lovely mesh disposie undies the hospital gives! they come in handy, then you don't blood stain your own undies! i took a bunch home and wore them for weeks. so attractive.

    *toiletry bag, that first shower is amazing!

    *i packed outfits for emerick, in addition to his take home outfit. i hate those hospital t shirts! they aren't very soft or comf, IMO.

    your own receiving blankets, again hospital ones are not very soft!


    slippers for yourself

    the baby book, if you want to have them stamp his footprints in your baby book at the same time they stamp them on the hospital paper thingie.

    that's all i can think of right now. :)