Saturday, January 17, 2009

Read only if you want to cry

I've been reading message board and the above link is to a girl that lost her baby, she knew that once he was born he wouldn't survive. Her strength is amazing, this girl is amazing. I couldn't read all of it, but the pictures are worth a million sad words.
It's really eye opening..and I really think you should just look at it, you don't have to read every word.


  1. Krista... I just went and read that whole blog! I'm bawling. Seriously. I can't even believe her story. I'm amazed and in shock.

  2. i will go read that. when i was pregnant i somehow came across several blogs like that, so heartbreaking and probably not a good thing to read while pregnant. i would sometimes just be bawling to myself as i read them at night while james worked. check out

    she expected her baby to either be stillborn, or die shortly after birth, because during several ultrasounds he was diagnosed with a heart condition. but he was a miracle, he was born completely healed, alive and healthy!