Monday, December 29, 2008

Doctor Doctor tell me the news...

So today I went into my doctors appointment, knowing I was going to see Dr. Callahan cause last time I saw Dr. Dillon...and last time I lied about my weight by 2 pounds, which this week I gained 2 pounds so I lied about those too. I should say I am 217 (ew yikes!) but I said I was 214 cause last time I was 215 and said I was 213. I'm really bad.
Anyway, he said that everything is fine and that the baby is head down already. He said that the pain in my ribs/side is just going to get worse cause the baby has at least another 2 inches to grow! Which I knew, but he always likes to make me feel better! :)

I go in 3 weeks (Jan. 21) for an ultrasound to see exactly how big this baby is.
Today it hit me...I'm going to give birth....soon.
I know the next couple weeks are going to go by fast, with New Years only a few days away, Claire's birthday party, Olivia's birthday party, Parker's birthday party....then the baby shower.
Then comes February, which I'll just be big and lazy and then right around the corner is March!
I can't believe how fast this pregnancy is coming to an end. I have been feeling really pregnant lately just with being in pain 24/7.

Anyway...I need to work on these bills and then I'm going to start watching the first season of Big Love. I bought seasons 1 and 2 at best buy for half off! They are like 55 bucks, so it was pretty sweet that I pretty much got both for the price of one!

Happy 29th everyone.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Oh 2008.

What a year you have been.
First off, the holiday was nice. The in-laws were in town until today, we took them back to LAX and they flew back to Indiana and then had a 2 hour drive home. Hopefully it went well since the weather has been bad back there.
We got a lot done while they were here in the baby's room. All the painting is done and the crib and changer/dresser are put together. I will have pictures soon.
The only thing that really needs to be done is the flooring. Which, hopefully will be done by the shower at the end of January.
The color turned out really good and it's really bright so it helps make the room look bigger and I know once the new floor is in it will even help that much more.
I am getting really excited about the baby comming. I know I still have 2 1/2 months, but I feel like it is going to come by so fast because the past two months have been like here and gone before the blink of an eye.
I think Matthew is starting to really get into the whole pregnancy thing now.. he would never touch my belly or really talk too much about the baby, but now that you can SEE how big I am getting, baby not fat.. I think it opened his eyes to.. holy crap we are having a baby!
Plus getting the nursery ready really does make you think.. holy crap there will be a baby sleeping in this crib!
Although sometimes I do still feel blah...I know the second I go into labor and see that baby come out, it will be a whole different story.

Anyway.. I hope everyone had a really wonderful Christmas, by the look of the blogs, it looks like everyone did! I know next year is going to be wild! More 1st birthdays, more babies, more 2 and 3rd birthdays! I really can't wait to see what 2009 has to offer all of us girls and our families!

Well I need to lay down because this child really likes to be in my ribs when I am sitting down.. Amy how did you get through it?! PS I need to get my bangs cut, actually by this point my hair just needs to be cut! I'll call you.. haha.

Well enjoy the rest of 2008 everyone. We only have 3 days left!
I love you all.

ps. pray for James & Anni & Emerick as they venture to Maryland like tomorrow or Tuesday. Be safe guys.

Monday, December 22, 2008


So our computer broke awhile ago, so I haven't been on this much.
Just wanted to say that I'm 28 weeks now, and the baby likes to be in my ribs 24/7. I'm not really liking it because I HAVE to sit straight up and it's annoying. But I guess good for my back?
I got a body pillow last night and it made me sleep better, other than the annoying cramp I got in my leg. Matt's really good at waking up and getting it out of me!
My in-laws are in town until Sunday. We might go to the movies on Christmas.. weird huh?
I always thought people were weird to do that, but this Christmas is going to be so mellow and there aren't going to be 10 of us so it will be nice.
I like that it is raining and cold, it makes it feel more like Christmas.
Um I met Emerick for the first time on Saturday! He's amazing.
I can't wait to have my very own baby boy!
Anyway, back to work.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


My farts are gross. and I have to wipe my butt after I fart.. cause really they are sharts.

Monday, December 8, 2008


Matt has been throwing up since 8:30 last night.
He threw up at 830, 1130 & 530 this morning. Now it has turned into the shits.
He is King of throw up. I have seen him throw up more times than he's heard me fart (haha jk)

To add to this horrible day, Matt tried calling his boss and OHHHH they disconnected our CELL PHONES!!!
I just paid the bill on the 24th, and our internet and land line still work and it's all on the same bill. Cool huh!!!!!

Oh I hate today. I think I'm going to go into work and then leave. Matt is horrible when he's sick and I don't want to leave him here alone, especially since he's throwing up! He's like a baby and I feel bad. I just hope I don't get sick... which I think he has food poisoning.. he's prone to that.

Sunday, December 7, 2008


So right now I'm really annoyed. Funny right...
First off, Matt and I LAG major when it comes to getting stuff done, except at the same time I don't feel that I lag because 1-If I could do the things I need done, then I would do them and 2-I keep asking him to do them.. and he just doesn't!
I have asked SO many times that we could FINISH the babies room and by finish I mean get all his nintendo, comic book, music related everything OUT of there! Yes I have a few things, but nothing compared to what he has in there.
We are on a time limit because we have only 2 weeks to get the floor done, but really probably just this week because that is the only time this guy has to do it!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plus his parents are coming in two weeks and it needs to be done before they get here so we can put together the furniture!!!
I am really stressing out because I feel that Matt doesn't care! I understand the baby won't be here for another 3 months, but time FLIES and the next TWO months are PACKED. We have something EVERY WEEKEND (except Jan. 10) until February!
And then we will only have 1 month to get ready.
If the babies room was taken care of, then I wouldn't be a stress case like I have been lately and I would get off his back about doing things.
The only 2 things that I can't do to help is move the TV and the Futon! But seriosuly if I wasn't pregnant then I freaking would do all this myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just needed to VENT!

but on a good note, Lori's shower was good and fun. I hope everyone that went had fun!!
I am so tired from it, but I find energy to clean that room!
Which is why i am sitting here posting this, i just asked matt to help and he said let me finish reading this chapter.. so i wait and then i hear him come upstairs and he's all um im going to take a bath!!!!!!!!!!!!
what?!? what?!?!?!?!?!

F. back to doing what I can by myself!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

No Pictures Please

So the past two times we have gone to get an ultrasound, August is in weird positions and we can NEVER get a picture of his profile! It's so annoying. I've seen his legs a million times, but never that face!!!!!
Today he had his pinkie (we think) up and it was cute. I just wish I could see that face of his.
Only 100 days until the due date! Kind of crazy.


Monday, December 1, 2008

Judooooo CHOP

So ever since I could put my hand over my stomach and feel the baby kick, I swear he's like playing teatherball with his feet. This morning he was going insane, it's pretty amazing though.