Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Ok, so the past few days August has fallen asleep on me while I've been holding him...and it melts my heart. He is so freaking cute while he sleeps and I just love being a mother. BUT when he is awake he pushes off of me and does not want me to hold him, he is getting really squirmy and it makes me really sad! He is getting so big so fast and it's real sad. I am having baby's weird. If I was pregnant today I would think it was really cool. August is already 7 months old and in 5 months he will be ONE! I am already planning his party in my head... ROBOTS!

That's all. Happy Birthday Faye.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Last Sunday.. I went to church. I had not been to church since I think 2003 or 2004, with Matt's parents in Hoopeston. I told myself that I would go and see how I liked it. Well I loved it. I am really glad that I went. I will be going tomorrow as well. And August went too, and had his first experience in a "day care". He did really good, of course he was in the saucer the whole time.
Matt doesn't want to go, which I am having a really hard time with, but I think I just need to give it time...and maybe he will open up his heart again. He shared with me the night I asked him to go that he doesn't believe in "organized" religion.. which I understand, but at the same time, I have a hard time with it.

Other news, August will be 7 months old tomorrow! And today was the first day I didn't breast feed him! It was kind of weird, but I was ready and I think he was too. My boobs weren't producing anything really. I think he just sucked to suck! And I just didn't stop because it's been something we have done ever since he was born! But today I said... this is it.. and I gave him a bottle when he first woke up, no problems.

My boobs don't hurt as of yet.. maybe tomorrow they will but whatever I'll deal with it. It's not like they are producing much any way!

Faye's birthday party is tomorrow and I'm really excited about it! August is going to dress up in his Halloween costume!!!

Um.. ok..
OH and we haven't had a dryer in 2 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We finally get a new washer and dryer on TUESDAY! Thank you Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!!