Sunday, January 18, 2009


I just got done watching YOUTUBE videos of Boston Terriers and I noticed like every owner of a BT has TWO! I told Matt this and he said "we should get another one"


He said, if we didn't have two cats and a baby on the way, we could totally get another one.

I have this LOVE for Boston Terries that I think only owners of really cool dogs can feel. Like Danielle, I'm sure LOVES Boxers ( I do too, even though I'm not an owner of one). I love all dogs, but if I see a BT or even a Boxer I freak out. Ive been seeing this guy all last week running with his boston terrier and i seriously want to pull over and talk to him.

I know I am crazy, but as soon as baby is 1 and we have money....I might just have to get another..
It's like having a sibling for your child. Gibby needs another dog to play with all the time.

hahahaha BTW, I will never get another dog until we move out of this small house...we would need a yard before we got another dog.. so DONT WORRY.. I won't go out and get another dog like I went out and got a cat!!!!!

I'm going to bed now!!!!!!!!!! I hope I sleep good like last night! Except I'm drinking a glass of water, so I'm sure I'll get up at least twice!


  1. I'm picturing my sister burning up with anger at the thought of you getting another dog!! hahahaha.

  2. Up until the point where REALITY kicked in for you while you were typing that post I got a huge anxiety attack. I imagined myself never ever going to your house ever again. That's the price you would have to pay if you ever got another Gibby.

  3. What's funny is as I was writing this post, all I could think of was the anger Wiss was feeling while reading it. Hahaha. Oh Wissy.

  4. Yeah i think that people that are obsessed with their dogs usually have two! haha like me. I never thought i would be a dog person and ohhhhhhhh how that has changed