Saturday, September 12, 2009

Fat fat..skinny skinny

So I was looking back at pictures from like 3-4 years ago... gosh I have gained so much weight since then. I saw pictures of me where I was like "holy crap I was skinny!" even though at that time I didn't think it..I really was! I need to get rid of this "baby" fat. I need to at least get rid of 50 pounds! I miss the way I looked before, I miss my face being skinny and my pants actually fitting and my muffin top not hanging over my pants. I need to do something NOW and not put it off. I just need to start walking and working out.. it is just really hard I feel like I have no time! I work all day at home and then at 5 I clean up and then Matt gets home and we cook and eat dinner and then take care of august and then put him to sleep and then by that time its usually 8-9 and then i get in bed! I either need to get up ealier and do it after august goes to sleep...
AHHHHH I am 194 pounds right now. I was 219 the day I had August.

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  1. you will get there! and it is weird how when you look back at pictures you realize how thin you were. i look back at pictures that were taken during times i thought i was fat, and i was like, anerexic!

    if you want some healthy recipes, and a good diet, let me know.