Tuesday, January 20, 2009

How low can you go..

so my grandma keeps saying this to me...
you are carrying so low, you are gonna give birth to that baby sooner than later..
you are ready to pop krista..
you better watch yourself so you can lose that weight after you have that baby, you really have to try and not just say you are
you are so low.so low

I love my grandma. I know I'm big and I know I look like I could pop, but I still have 6-8 weeks to go!!!!

Now I get ready for work, oh and ps no clothes fit me anymore. my belly shows with everything i wear! it's annoying.


  1. the comments will just keep coming, it's and end of pregnancy thing! my grandma had a lot of cool stories for me wen I was preg, lets see she had to tell me about every person she knew who had a baby that died, a miscarriage or a baby with a disability. She also told me how she gained 7 pounds with both of her children and she wore her pre pregnancy jeans home from the hospital. I could go on for days!

  2. Did i mention the UPS guy AGAIN said he could bring out a wheelchair for me?! what the F!
    The lady in line walked out behind me and said "that is so rude of him" and I was like I know you should of heard what he said last week!

  3. umm, that is rude about the UPS guy! BUT, my own husband was dead serious when he told me we should go to Goodwill and buy me a wheelchair! I was like, i know im crippled and can barely walk, but I will NOT use a f ing wheelchair!

    i got the low comments too! i was low the whole time, but once i became HUGE, people were telling me i had already dropped and the baby would come any day, i was right about where you are now. you will be fine!