Monday, March 9, 2009

I'll show you a bloody show.

I always put a lot of thought into my titles. This one really didn't take thought, but it's just gross and I wanted to point it out.

Anyway, since I was in the hospital Saturday, my doctor wanted me to go into his office Monday. So I woke up this morning at 9:15 and called the doctors office and they said to come in at 10:15, so I got up and went to take a shower. I went pee like always in the morning, but this time was different...I was spotting. I wiped and there was blood, as well as on my panty-liner. So I was just like hmm..interesting. I did have a vag exam on Saturday and thought it was from that. So I took my shower and got Matt up, he took today off, thank goodness, and we went to the doctors office. I took my weight, and peed in a cup, and I could tell I had blood in my urine cause of the color and the protien was at +1, and did my blood pressure, which was normal.
They put me in room #1, and the nurse lady took my blood pressure again and my tempature and I took her about my bleeding so they told me to go back to the waiting room, they wanted me to go to a room with an ultrasound unit. So back to waiting, then back to room #2, and the doctor came in and I told him what was going on, and he gave me another vag exam and he said my cervix was really soft and I was dilated to a 1. Then he told me to get dressed and go into the waiting room again so they could monitor the baby for awhile. So back to the waiting room, and then back to room #3! They hooked me up to the machines and after about 15 minutes came back in and said the baby looked fine and that I could go home. He had me cancel Thursdays appointment, but to call if I notice any changes and that I would more than likely go into labor this week!
All I needed to hear was PROGRESS! And that's what I heard.

So we went to Panera bread after for some breakfast and then came home and Matt's cleaning up and I am just laying around. Then I just went to the bathroom and noticed more discharge, so I am pretty sure that I am having my "bloody show" or I guess losing the plug.

So I am shooting for Amy's birthday, which is the 12th! My parents are waiting for the call that I'm in labor and then they are DRIVING here! They were going to fly, but I guess they have now decided to drive.

So, that's all for now.
I'll keep you all posted when things change!



  1. Cooool!!! Things are happening down there! Yes! That baby will be here so soon Krista. I'm just glad that you are feeling better before you go into labor. That would have been so hard to be so sick and to go into labor. So, get tons of rest! You're gonna have a busy week!

  2. "I always put a lot of thought into my TITIES." That is what I thought you said up until like the second paragraph on your blog.

  3. lets get that baby out!! My birthday would be really cool! reading this just makes me remember my own labor! you never forget the bloody show or the mucus plug!! hahah who would ever think that those two thing would be so exciting!