Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Let me update you.

I have extremely bad farts, they started when I ate a Fiber Bar and had an artichoke the same night. And now it's like never ending FERRRp, ew that smells.
Two nights ago I had a laughing attack in bed because I farted on gibby's head (im laughing so hard right now its hard to type) and she got up and out of the covers really pissed looking, then matts like KRISTA.. then i just lost it and laughed and laughed and cried and then I started to stop and Matt said something which made me laugh more because he just needed to not say anything, oh I was just laughing so freaking hard.. for a good 10-15 minutes.

Im going to get my mother tomorrow at LAX, and going to Ikea and I'm excited!
The shower is Saturday, and I'm excited.

Michelle's mad if I get a different stroller! Taryn is funny and hard to read her when it's on a text!

Wiss is making some good salsa.
Lori and Danielle are just going to do really cool things.
Krista P. is making a really awesome cake.

Amy is going to do my hair friday.
erin is just cool along with everyone else I didnt list. ( just means i haven't talked to you today!)

This post is really weird and I'm sorry...but I have to poop really bad for the second time today!!! (which is good, i just dont want those THINGS you get when your pregnant and poop...i refuse to say them cause im scared ill get them) and im farting so much right now and its horrible smelling
you are love me i know. i love you too



  1. i loved that farting story! hahaha i could totally picture matt saying "krista" with a serious voice! hahaha i was trying to be helpful today through text! i'm excited for your shower it's gonna be fun!!!

  2. Krista, you are crazy! I'm just laughing so hard reading this blog! You are seriously funny. I like how Gibby got pissed at you. And I too am extremely excited for your shower. Its gonna be fun!

  3. you are funny. you will probably get "those things" if you push august out. i did, and now my butt bleeds every time i poop. :( so sad.

  4. ewww Anni!!! Then I'll never want to poop!!

  5. If I didn't know you better I would think that you were drunk typing that entire blog. WHAT THE HELL. You are nuts. Serves Gibby right. You should just poop on her next time. See how she likes that!