Wednesday, January 21, 2009

She's got big balls, He's got big balls...but We've got the biggest balls of them all....

Right well today was my much anticipated doctors appointment. All day I was stressing out and thinking these things in my head:
-He's going to be huge
-I'm going to have GD
-I'm going to gain at least 2-4 pounds from the last time I was there
-They are going to change my due date to March 1st
-I'm going to forget to talk about how I've been feeling lately with my doctor

And here's how today went...
Got there and weighed myself..check, gained what I thought I would
Had the ultrasound..check, he's already over 5 pounds (the books say your baby should be between 3.5 & 4)
The ultrasound date said my EDD is around 3/2-3/6..check, they didn't change the date, but I mean seriously the ultrasound says he's measuring at 34 weeks and that would make my due date closer to the 1st!
They think he's big because either he's just a big baby (his father was a huge baby) or because I had GD..check, I can't have anymore ORANGE JUICE, ORANGE JUICE PEOPLE, look at my blog it's a girl with a glass of OJ! I can't have any juice for that matter, and I can only drink 1% or non fat milk (i'm a 2%er) I have to totally watch my sugar intake until I find out for sure if I have GD which is in 2 weeks I go in again for that nasty drink.
Did I talk to them about how I've been feeling..check...NOPE!

So my day went as planned!

But the good news, August is healthy...heart, brain, body everything. He is just a really big baby. He has a big head, nose, feet, hands, arms, legs, belly...and BALLS. Gosh baby boys balls look HUGE it's insane to me. And yes he is head down with his elbows in my left lower side and his legs in my right rib cage.
I got NO sleep last night what so ever, but I guess if I lay off the juice maybe it will help me sleep..maybe it's making me wired..? I don't know, but if someone doesn't drink that gallon of OJ that's in the fridge.. I'm going to go crazy seeing it every day!!!

Anyway, I have a dvd and I will try and post pictures soon of his little face that we FINALLY got to see!!! Although his hands were in his face most of the time, and he gave us the middle finger once, and yawned a million times, it was really cute. It's so real now. I saw a baby inside me, not just a blurry picture that looked like a baby. I saw what he's going to look like, I saw his Schurman nose!
I really can't wait now.. Matt was so excited. He was standing up most of the ultrasound just starring at the screen. And my grandma (baby's great grandma) went with us! I know she really enjoyed it and I'm glad she was able to go!!

Alright well I am so tired and I am going to try and go to bed early tonight. Matt said he'd give me a butt massage, I'm in a lot of pain soooooooo..

Alright well bless everyone!!!!!!!!! Love you all and see you this weekend I'm sure!!!


  1. i dont know why but i just got so teary eyed thinking about Matt being really excited watching the ultrasound! Im so happy you are healthy Krista!! I could tell how sincerely happy you sounded in that last post :) I cant wait to meet him!!

  2. What's weird is that sometimes if you are feeling really crazy for a few weeks and then you go in and have the Dr. check you and the baby and tell you everything is fine... you start to feel a lot better. I just remember I would always forget to ask the Dr. why I was feeling this, and this, and this... but then suddenly I'd feel better. I think the the reassurance of knowing that the baby is doing so good in there makes any mommy feel better. Do you know what I mean? But I hope you're feeling better Krista and please please please keep resting. And always listen to your body. You are doing wonderfully and that would be so great if you had this little guys a few weeks earlier! I hope you do!