Monday, March 21, 2011

My boy turned 2!

So Friday was August's birthday and it was a pretty good day, other than me being sick for like a week now.
He woke up and we took him downstairs to check out his art easel that gigi & papa got him. After getting ready, Matt went to work and August and I went to Target and Starbucks and then to Matt's work to visit him.
It was a pretty calm day after that, August came home and napped and his other present from my parents came, the scooter! I put most of it together before he woke up. When he came down the stairs from his nap, his eyes got HUGE. He was so excited! He sits on that thing all day pretty much when he's downstairs!
Once Matt got home we got ready to go eat at Orcutt Brewing Company, usually the food is really good, but the BLT I got wasn't on the same bread that it normally is on, so I was kind of bummed and the onion rings weren't that good! Oh well. We came home and August blew out his candles on his cupcake and then opened a few things from us. He was really excited, even though he picked them out a few hours ago, I guess he forgot!
Anyway.. that was the night we started with NO PACI. He hadn't had one all day, and didn't take a nap with one, that night he fell asleep without one, so I made sure we just hid them all.
The next morning, I ended up coming downstairs around 5 because I couldn't sleep and I was coughing like crazy. I heard August come downstairs around 8:30, so I figured I should get up.. but he came down with a PACI! I had no idea where he got it, so the second he came up to me and told him to give it to me! He probably found it in our bed or something! Anyway...Matt got up and we had breakfast and I started on frosting the cupcakes that I made the night before.
We got ready and headed to Round Table. Thank God we changed it to not being at the park because of course it pretty much rained all day!
I thought the party went as well as it could for being kind of last minute and me having NO idea what I was doing and being sick!
When we got there I started to decorate the room, but then a guy came up to me and asked if I had requested that room.. which I hadn't they had just told me it was the only room left. So he told me some other people were wondering if we would switch.. what was I going to do.. say no? So I said no problem..even though I was kind of bothered.
We ended up getting a room that was BLUE & GREEN! Weird..I guess it was meant to be! It also had a baseball theme, instead of a princess and Elmo on the wall!
I started putting the table clothes down, when Jim & Amanda showed up, they helped me finish everything! People started showing up right on time, so I ordered the pizza and drinks.
It ended up being A LOT cheaper than I thought it was going to be! We also somehow got a free pizza, I think they made it and didn't mean to and just gave it to us because we switched rooms?
I hope everyone that went had fun too, and I need to give a huge THANK YOU to Lori for picking up the balloons and helping me throughout the party!
So we went over to the McDonald's afterwards...August & Olivia played really well together, it was cute!
We stayed there until about 7:30 and by the time we got home August was out. When I put him in his bed to change him into PJ's he woke up...asking for his PI (paci), so I just said we don't have one, you're a big boy now. He kept asking and I would just say we didn't have one, and then I asked if he wanted some milk. He said yes.. so I went to get some milk, but by the time I came back upstairs he was asleep!
So all day Sunday he didn't have it and again Sunday night he asked for it, but we just would change the subject and tell him we didn't have one! He finally fell asleep within 10 minutes of Matt laying on his floor next to him. This morning he asked for it, but I told him no and again asked him if he wanted milk. So far I think he thinks about it less and less each day.
I'm really glad it wasn't as bas as I thought it would be! I'm just hoping it doesn't find one somewhere and then use it!
I had a slight scare about an hour ago when I took Gibby out to pee...August locked me out of the house!
Luckily I remembered Matt telling me how to get in.. so it wasn't that freaky!
Anyway.. my throat doesn't hurt any more and my cough isn't as bad..but I still am really stuffed up, but I think that has to be something with the pregnancy.
I go to my 18 week check up tomorrow! Hoping this baby didn't grow a penis in 2 weeks!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Today we found out that we are having a GIRL.
Who would have thought?!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

I'm a ticking time bomb.

For the past few days either August has been sick, I've been sick.. or Matt's been sick. The only break I got was the 1/2 day that Matt took off work on Friday. I was able to just lay in bed, while August and Matt were outside and downstairs.. yet my brain was still in mom/wife mode. I couldn't fully relax, and plus my stomach was about ready to explode.. so nothing was really relaxing.
Today has been the worst day I've had in awhile. I feel like I NEVER get a break. I understand that being a mom and a wife is a full time job.. but why is it that husbands get breaks? Isn't being a father and a husband a full time job too?
The house hasn't been 100% clean in.. SO LONG. If it's not dishes, it's laundry.. or laundry everywhere.. clean or dirty.. or dishes..clean or dirty.. everywhere. The floor isn't clean, the bathrooms aren't clean. I feel like I never have time because I have to be with August 24/7. I don't even know what it is going to be like with 2 kids.
I just cleaned the bathroom, it was nasty, I swear the toilet was growing mold! I put August's clothes away.. but there is no point in picking up his room, because 5 minutes later he destroys it.
Matt is laying downstairs.. sick.. he threw up this morning, and is now running a slight fever.. AWESOME.
I am not feeling 100% myself.. but yet I feel like this shit needs to get done..
When Matt took Friday afternoon off and was entertaining August.. do you think he even thought about maybe doing a load or two of laundry? Um.. NO. The only thing he did was put a few dishes in the dishwasher and started it.
There has been clean laundry sitting at the end of the stairs for like two weeks.. no one has even thought about bringing it upstairs and putting it away!
I mean I am 100% guilty.. I'm not blaming everything on Matt.. it's really  BOTH of us being lazy.
I understand he works all day.. but I'm dealing with a 2 year old that doesn't nap during the day.. that wants to be outside ALL is really hard for me to get stuff done. If I go in the garage to do laundry he HAS to be out there with me.. but then he gets into stuff when he's out there. He screams when I take Gibby outside, because he wants to be outside. I can't be outside all day with him..for one, our yard isn't very kid friendly and two, if I want to attempt to get anything done.. well, I have to be inside!

Oh and side note.. with gas being $3.95, probably $4.00 by tomorrow, I can't afford to go into AG all the time. It really sucks, but I don't work.. and we need to save money.. filling up my gas tank once a week.. will be $60!

I just really need a freaking break. I need Matt to take August for a full day.. from waking up, to putting him to bed. I need time to myself, to think, like an adult.. I just want to sit in a hotel room.. peace and quite. That's all.. no damn dog barking, or chasing a cat, or trying to steal August's toys..
Yes I'm bitter right now. Can you tell?

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Things & Stuff

So ask I'm starting to write about Matt...(which I deleted) August decided to diarrhea on the bed sheets that were on the floor..
He has diarrhea and it started yesterday.. I think it's slowly getting better, but it is SO nasty. I can't stand the smell or the sight of it. It makes me want to puke. Thank God Matt was home earlier when it happened the first time and was able to wipe his butt and front area for me because I was gagging so bad.

I guess I better tend to a sick little human before I write about the rest of my life!