Thursday, February 19, 2009


So here is a list of dates that if August is born on..who he will share a birthday with.

Feb. 21 - Grandpa Rick
Feb. 24 - Jon Brown
Feb. 27 - Ella Rittenhouse
March 5 - My mom
March 9 - Wiss, + a million people
March 12 - Amy
March 17 - St. Patricks Day
March 18 - Dill Weed
March 24 - Danielle
March 28/29 - I don't remember what day but I know Jim Haynie and my aunt have a birthday around these dates and I also know that Christopher (wiss' & michelle's cousins baby) has a March birthday, same with their grandma

Let's make a bet:

Give me the Date, Weight & Length Baby Bandy will be

My guess:

3/6/09 - 8.8lbs - 22 inches

What is yours?!?


  1. oh hey if your going to do february birthdays you might also consider Ella's, the 27th!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Um I updated it!!!!!!!!! I had Jon Brown's wrong, and then I added Ella's. I never forget her's! I believe I changed it before you even posted that comment!

  3. Luke was born on February 27th!

    I am adding you if thats ok!

  4. looks like your weight est. was pretty darn close ;)