Wednesday, March 11, 2009


So I haven't felt like a really good friend lately...and here is why...

Since I have been sick I wasn't able to see Wiss at all for her birthday. I wasn't able to go to her birthday party or out for Baja and Cake on her actual birthday. I feel really bad because it was her 25th birthday!

Also, I got sick the night Jackson was born and I have been sick ever since. I wasn't able to visit Lori and Jackson in the hospital and I still haven't seen them and he will be a week older tomorrow! I feel horrible!

Of course if I wasn't sick, I would have been able to do those two things. I just feel really bad that this cold is taking over my life! This is probably the last week I will be baby free, and I can't enjoy it because I am miserable feeling!

Health Update - I did go to the doctor today and they gave me a prescription for a ZPACK, so I am hoping this makes me feel better! I do feel alittle better, but still only like maybe 40%!

My parents are probably leaving tomorrow and will be here Friday night. So hopefully August will come SOON!
That's all.

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