Monday, August 31, 2009

Is it just me or..

have I been really bitter lately? For some reason I just feel so bitter and annoyed lately. The only thing that makes me smile or happy is when August is in a good mood. Everything else has just been driving me crazy. I don't know if it is because more than half of the day August is doing this whine where nothing makes him happy...or if it is because I just want 10 minutes to myself, but instead all my minutes are dealing with dirty diapers, barking dog, annoying cats... The only time I get to myself is when I am ASLEEP and sometimes even then I am fighting over covers with Matt or kicking Gibby off me. Can't one night my husband come home, take the baby and let me just relax in bed, no feeding the baby, no cleaning the baby, no cleaning the house, no doing laundry...I just want one night, one hour, one minute!
I am looking forward to going to bunco tomorrow, I will have time to just be loud, annoying, and crazy and not have to worry about making Gibby hyper, waking up August, or annoying Matt.

AHHH, it just feels good to vent that's all. Back to work since I got NOTHING done today.

Monday, August 24, 2009

I had a break down..

So we went to the Dodgers/Cubs game yesterday and I knew it was going to be hot, but I didn't think it was going to be THAT hot. It was probably around 90 degrees, it was gross. Our seats where in the sun, which was not good because August would not have been safe in the sun, in that heat. So we sat in the shade in other people's seats and everything was fine. But then around the 3rd inning those people arrived so we had to move. Matt ended up taking August up to the walk way area and then I went up there and saw that a lady had put two chairs there for us to sit. There was a lady with two little girls next to us and she told me that I could go into the "luxury suites" and feed and change him and get some air conditioning. So I started to head towards the elevator and August was starting to freak out. He was getting really hot and really annoyed. I started to choke up when I was telling the guy at the elevator where I needed to go. Once I got off the elevator and August was screaming I saw a lady that worked there and told her what was going on, but I couldn't even talk because I was crying. I was so stressed out because August was not looking good and I knew he was just really hot and tired and didn't like that heat. I didn't like the heat either, I got really dizzy when we first got there. I do not do well in heat, and I never have. Anyway, the lady was really nice and told me where to go. I had to wait for this guy and his little girl to get out of the family bathroom and as soon as I got in there I just broke down. I cried while changing August, he was still freaking out screaming and crying. I put a cold towel on him and kept him naked while I went to the bathroom. I tried to breast feed him but he didn't want to. The bathroom was kind of warm so I just got him dressed and went out into the lobby area. We sat down on the couch and there was another lady there with her 9 month old, but she was just there because he was asleep and the people in the room she was in were really loud and they were waking him up ( I think she was a players wife..or someone important's wife). Anyway I gave August a bottle and he finally cooled off, as did I. We went back up to enjoy the last 2 innings of them game. He was totally fine afterwards. I just got so stressed out because I didn't know what to do! The lady next to us was so nice though. She told me exactly what to say and do when I got down to the suites. I am so thankful for the lady that worked there too. She was so helpful and felt so bad that I was crying!

Then...last night as Matt and I were driving home we talked about having another baby, when we want to and what we want to have.. I would love to have a girl of course, but I would not mind having another boy..and that's when I cried again! I told Matt how much I cherish every moment I spend with August, no matter what mood he is in. I love him so much, he is our son, a part of me, and a part of Matt. I love being a parent, it's amazing.
So I told Matt that I think I want to have another baby before August is 2...well be pregnant before then. If it was up to me I would get pregnant again when August was 1 1/2. I would want to have the baby in the summer of 2011....we will see though.

That is all for now, just sharing what I went through yesterday and how I feel about having another baby.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My baby

So August is almost 5 months old! He is rolling over like a crazy man, stomach to back.
Tonight I decided to give him rice cereal...and it was funny. He liked the first few bites, but then he started getting over it..and i was forcing it and that was a mistake cause all of a sudden.BLALLAHAH all over him, me, the table..sickkkkk.
Anyway then during dinner he was sitting on the table in his bumbo and i heard him farting and after like 15 minutes i picked him up..POOP bubble out of his diaper!!! me, my grandma and matt had to all help get him out of the bumbo wrap towels around him..ughhh it was SICK!!!

Anyway, he is 19 pounds and probably about 27 1/2 inches.
I bought him a jumperoo like 3-4 weeks ago and his feet barely touched the floor on his tippy toes, now his feet sit flat on the floor, so i need to make the seat higher. It's crazy how fast he is growing. he has 6 oz bottles and then after like 1-2 hours later nurses on the boob.

My grandma has been staying with us so she is watching him while I work and she makes him laugh like crazy i love it! I just hear them downstairs together and she makes funny noises and then he just laughs and screams, it's so wonderful to see my grandma, his Great Grandma be able to spend time with him!!!!!

ok goodnight im tired.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

May you walk with God...

So today I cried while I was on the phone with my boss and here is the reason.

When I was first interviewed by Paul, my boss, he told me he was a Christian and really involved in his church, and I thought that was awesome, but didn't think any more of it. Now I realize why it is a big deal...
I, a 24 year old married mother, can work from home. I am blessed to be able to see my son every day, watch him grow, and learn new things. Not everyone gets this opportunity and everyday I thank the Lord that I am given this chance to spend every moment I can with August.

Just a few months ago my mom was without a job, but one door flew wide open for her, and that one door was the door of NewReal (where I work). After her many many prayers and her many many days of looking for work, just like that, she got a full time job, working from home.

Friday I was given the chance to hire someone else to work from home for about 20 hours a week to do data entry, and I asked a friend, but she turned it down, so yesterday my mom and I were talking and we both said..Aunt Donna! My mom called my aunt...and silence is what my mom heard..and my mom said "Donna, is this an answer to your prayers..." and my aunt Donna said "Yes, you don't even know".

So with that being said, today I called my boss to tell him this..."Paul, I think God is using your company to help other people in their life..." and he said "Krista, from day 1, that was my mission statement..."

And I am writing this because I feel that the things that have happened the past few months to my mom and my aunt is God actually telling ME to watch what path I I following Him, or am I going down the wrong path...?
I truly believe He made these things happen to make me open my eyes.