Thursday, January 28, 2010


Last night I decided that since I knew it was going to be nice out that I would walk to the grocery store to pick up my BC pills instead of driving! So this morning after August woke up and had his breakfast and I had my breakfast we went upstairs and I tired putting him down for a nap...not happening! So I put him on the bed with his paci, remote and pillows and turned on the boob tube to Yo Gabba Gabba.. he LOVES that show.
I took a really quick shower, got ready, got August stuff ready and then got him ready. We set out for our walk at 11:03. It started to get really hot! I put my small little cardigan over the stroller to shield the sun from August's face. He ended up falling asleep. We got to Matt's work 30 minutes later and then I went over to the grocery store to pick up my BC, some bandaids for my feet, some fish crackers for Augie, some new paci's and sippy cups. Then August and I went to TNT's and got a child's chocolate/vanilla yogurt. It was really good, and August ate more than half of it! Then Matt called and we decided to go to HANG OUT THAI CAFE.. it's really good and really cheap! We ate there and then hung out in the back of his truck. I really didn't want to walk back home because my feet were hurting so bad, but I did of course. So I got August a bottle and we headed back.. Took me about 25 minutes to get back home, took off my shoes when we got close to the house because my feet hurt so bad.
I feel so refreshed, and I think August really enjoyed it. He likes being outside and the past week with all that rain we didn't go outside!
Anyway.. that's my long story of my short walk!
I need to change a diaper...oh motherhood.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Blog it.

So I haven't blogged in awhile, I guess I don't have time...?
Well I don't even know what I blogged about last.
All I know is Friday we have an appointment that is going to change our life for the better.
We have alot going on right now and things are going to get better. I feel like the last few months so many doors have slammed in our face, and finally slowly new doors are opening, showing a light at the end of this dark tunnel we have been in.

August -
He has almost 8 teeth, and it's crazy. He isn't crawling or walking, but I think he will soon. He has been really cranky today and it's given me a headache.

I can't believe in 2 months he will be 1! We are doing a robot themed party, I am excited!