Friday, February 6, 2009


Yes, we had Lamaze last night.
I thought it was good, but funny. I know next week I'll probably laugh way to much. The teacher is amazing and I really like her and I think she really likes me and Matt. She also noticed that Matt really knows how to do massages (that was part of our breathing 1 technique) and said something about a full body massage and all I could think of was Body Massage Go.
She also liked to ask us a lot of questions along with 2 other couples there that she liked to "pick" on. But I think it's only because she liked us!
I'm excited for next week though. And then the 3rd week is the tour of the hospital.
ALSO, did you know that Marian gives birth to 200-300 babies a MONTH! How insane is that. The largest in the state maybe even country! It's like really insane and I could say something really bad but I won't.
OH and also, last night 2 girls walked in and one said kinda under her breath but I totally heard her.. "We are lesbians" and I laughed SO hard. They were sisters, really funny sisters from Nipomo and they were freaking so funny I swear. I couldn't believe she said that.

Anyway, I really am glad we are taking these classes. It opened my eyes to alot of things.
Your body can do anything, and yes I would rather have a C-Section with a huge ass baby, but if I don't I am ok with it. I am also ok with not getting drugs. Watching the video just made me realize... YOU CAN DO IT.

That's all.



  1. Cool!!! I'm glad you are going to go back. After Lane and I did our first class with Claire we were like, "Noway, we're not going back." We went back for one more and that was it. I'm glad you saw a video of a birth without drugs too. Pretty crazy how your body just does it huh? I'm just glad that you're getting so close to meeting August. I can't wait to meet him!!!

    Completely off the subject... Aren't you glad that bikini girl went home on AI. Wasn't she ridiculous???

  2. you are so funny. we didn't take Lamaze or any classes for that matter!! You don't have to say it to know what you are talking about, our hospital was the same way,lets just say Emerick was like, the only baby there without much pigmentation in his skin, hahahahaha.