Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Due August 23, 2011

Today we had another doctor's appointment. We finally heard the heartbeat and it was so REAL that I am pregnant. The doctor gave me a due date of August 23, but I have a feeling I will have this baby sooner. I also have a feeling it is a boy, and I would be lying if I said I didn't care...because I do really want a girl. But of course the most important thing is, this baby is healthy.
I have been so freaking tired lately, it's unreal. All I want to do is sleep. I am fine until about 2, then I crash. I usually take August upstairs and have him lay in bed with me. I don't really ever sleep, but just laying down feels so good!
The doctor told me to walk a few times a day, because I told him I was concerned with my weight. I gained about 35 pounds with August, and this time I'm starting heavier than I was when I got pregnant with August.
Oh and about the due date, our 5 year wedding anniversary is August 19, so I'm hoping the baby doesn't come on that day!
I go back January 19th (Miss Olivia's birthday!). I don't know if he will do another ultrasound or not. I feel like my doctor does a lot of them compared to some of my friends' doctors.
I'm going to try and take a nap now, August is snoring next to me, we are both bundled up in blankets, it's really windy and cold outside!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Doctor's appointment.

So...this was an interesting day.
I got to my doctors new clinic. He used to be with Dr. Callahan, who delivered August, but we chose Dr. Dillon because we saw him a lot more and I really like him and so does Matt. Anyway, it was a nice new building, clean, quite, relaxing..unlike the other office that was loud and people always rushing in and out.
After peeing in the cup, getting my weight (GROSS) and blood pressure, we went into the room to change.
The doctor came in and he did an ultrasound. He had this weird look on his face I thought.. and then he said.. well it looks like you are really early in this pregnancy, about 2 weeks different than what your period would calculate it. So instead of being 6w6d, I'm 5 weeks! So we have to go back next Wednesday, and hopefully then we will see the heartbeat. He said there is nothing to be worried about, it is just really early to see anything. I was kind of disappointment because I felt like I needed to see the heartbeat to be more excited.
So next week we go back at 9:45. I'm hoping there will be a big change in the size of the baby and we can see the heartbeat! I also have no due date because he wants to wait until we get a heartbeat.

Again this will post on Thursday night, instead of Wednesday!

6 weeks & 5 days.

I am pregnant. I took a test on Friday, December 10th, after being 8 days late on my period.. and to not my suprise because I just knew I said PREGNANT. I mean, yes, I would be lying if I didn't say I was shocked to see those words, but I knew I was pregnant for the second we had sex (TMI sorry).
Baby #2 is due August 11, 2011. Really funny to think that so much has happened in August AND our son is named August!
I have different feelings about this pregnancy. I am really excited, but I think I hide it in more than I did when I was pregnant with August. I am more scared, even though I know what it is like to raise a baby into a toddler, I have never raised a baby into a toddler with a toddler!
I am also scared because I keep having nightmares about something being wrong with this baby. Tomorrow we go for our first doctors appointment and we will have an ultrasound. I think once I see & hear the heartbeat I will feel a little bit better. August loves my stomach already before I got pregnant, but now he's like all over it kissing it and everything. I can't wait to see what he will be like when it's a huge pregnant belly!
I am making a scapbook from August's first ultrasound until he was born. Doing this is making me relax more I think, even though I hate scrapbooking!
Oh and I am writing this on Tuesday, but it will not post until Thursday because Matt's parents still don't know and I don't know if she reads my blog or not!