Sunday, July 5, 2009

It's been awhile...

I was told I haven't written on here in awhile, so I decided that I should write an update.

August, oh my dear little August, I love him. There is nothing like being a mother. He makes me get up in the morning, literally, he makes me laugh, cry, be full of joy. I love watching him while he's sleeping, and watching him watch Gibby! He is such a smart little guy, I'm pretty sure he'll grow up to be President (JK, I wouldn't want that!).

He has grown so much, really filled out. He's losing hair, but it is still long and there's still so much of it! He has huge blue eyes, and long eye lashes. He is going to be tall and lean I think, just like his daddy. I'm pretty sure his hair is going to be curly and blonde also like his daddy (and the curl from me too! and his Grandpa Steve had blonde curly hair!).

His Grandma Gwen got him to laugh out loud, it was so funny. I made him do it tonight while calling him GOOSE! So instead of me calling him BUBBA or DINO I'm pretty sure his new name is GOOSE, which is close to GUS!

He is still wearing size 2 diapers, but wears 6 month clothing..some 3 month stuff fits him, but tight! He loves to lay on his changing table and kick and talk and scream! He is such alittle character.

He's trying to sit up, but isn't there just yet. However he is rolling onto his side and I know soon he will be rolling onto his stomach, but he will hate that, cause he hates being on his stomach! He usually sleeps through the night til about 5-6 o'clock..then he will wake up and eat for like 15 minutes and then go back to bed and sleep sometimes till 9-10! But he usually wakes up at about 830.

He goes for his 4 month check up in 2 weeks, I can't wait! I want to know how long he is and how much he's gained from the last appointment. I'm pretty sure he's about 14 pounds...

On another note, I started working from home. It is really hard to take care of a baby and work 8 hours a day! I find myself doing about 2-3 hours at night after he goes to bed, and then a few hours on the weekend just so I can make sure I get 4o.

My mom got a job with the company I work for, so I talk to her all the time. It is really cool, we talked all the time any way, but we talk about work and then personal life!

Matt and I will be celebrating our 3 year wedding anniversary in a month (August 19), so crazy to think about!

That's about it.

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  1. cherish the memories because they grow up so fast....