Sunday, January 18, 2009

push, push, push yourself...too hard.

So lately I haven't been feeling good at all. I just feel that I'm either getting sick, or my body is going through wild changes the past few days that my levels of whatever have been off.

It started Monday, I could tell I was getting sick, I would wake up with a sore throat and just my body was poopy. Then Tuesday came and same thing, and at work Tanya was sick with what I felt like I would be getting. My nose was stuffy but runny, my head hurt whatever...
skip to Saturday... My grandma and I went to the mall and then to Wal-Mart and at about the end of the Wal-Mart trip I was getting all blah feeling, I didn't want to walk I just wanted to sit down and not move. We met Matt at Panera (it's way better than it was the first time I went! I hate going to new places when they first open up) and I was so hot and just felt like crap and my heels were KILLING me.
Saturday night I had Matt put this foot lotion on my feet because I seriously can't walk on my heels, I think they might just be cracked REALLY bad.
Today.....I got ready and my grandma and I went to Kohls and Target...I was sweating like a cow in Kohls and I said something to the girl at the register and she said she thought it was hot in there, so I figured it was just hot and not me. Then we got to Target and we walked in and I serioulsy didn't want to move, we got to the aisle where the curtains were and I had to sit on the shelf on the bottom because I couldn't move and I thought I was going to pass out, again sweating like a cow. We hurried home because I thought I was going to pass out and grandma can't drive so that wouldn't be good.
We got home and I took my shoes off and it hurt so bad to first put them on and then take them off. but when i got home I wanted to get the curtains up and clean up the house and I just kept going and going and going and didn't stop. finally i just laid down because i felt like i was running a tempature. i laid there for awhile and then got dizzy so i got some food because i thought that would help.
then matt asked if i wanted to go with him to the mcdonalds so i put on my slipper socks, dare i try to put on shoes again...even my crocs hurt!
i had to tippy toe pretty much to the car.. i felt good until we started driving HOME from there house. i was talking to matt about family drama and i lost my train of thought and i swear the car was driving on two wheels, i felt like the right side tires went flat because i felt really off balance... so i stopped talking and closed my eyes and then opened them..and everything went back to normal.

I don't know if these feelings are normal and I'm just crazy.. or what.
I do feel though that I am trying to do too much and pushing myself to do all this stuff without taking a break inbetween.

I really can't wait to go to the doctor wednesday so i can tell him all this stuff about how ive been feeling really weird and how my feet are killing me.. matt says they look normal (not swollen like crazy) but i dont know why my heels hurt SO bad. its mostly my left one, matt says its probably not pregnancy related, but whatever im going to ask.

also, i think i got bigger over night from friday to saturday. and i feel that ive gained like 5 pounds since the last time i went to the doctor, and if thats the case he's going to be PISSED.

ok well i need some water and lurk the message boards..

ps. seeing how matt is with olivia gets me really excited to see how he is going to be with august.
and hearing little kids fart and burp is really funny to me.


  1. I just want to say that you DEFINITELY need to talk to your Dr. about all the stuff your feeling. It really really sounds like you are pushing yourself too hard Krista. Seriously, when you are tired, REST. I think the pregnant body is so good at telling you when to stop and you have to listen. There is a reason why you're feeling dizzy and faint. You need to slow things down! You are worrying me! I hope you feel better soon. And if you need anything just ask... and if I can't help you I can find someone that can.

  2. UM..........can you please stop SHOPPING so much? Maybe that would help out your poor feet! Also, Matt is amazing with Olivia. I was just telling my mom how cute I think it is. Like when Dennis was acting scary, instead of running to me like she usually does, she ran to him and hugged him! I just think that's so cute!!!

  3. relax. Dont forget that you are pregnant!!You are getting closer and closer to the end and your body is doing major changes. You are going to get put on bed rest lady! chill out!