Thursday, December 17, 2009

So sick..

So my work is stressing me out so much that it is making me sick. The past few weeks I have been so unhappy. I used to love my job, love the people I work with, and I didn't really think it was work because I had so much fun doing what I do. But lately it is the complete opposite. I can not stand half the people I work with, no one does their job, they promise homeowners things and then don't fulfill their promises! They are ALWAYS late and call me to call the homeowner to let the homeowner know they aren't going to be there at 8:30..(well no shit, it's already 9!) They really don't respect people, they are really two faced a lot of the times. My boss was mad at my mom and hasn't spoke to her since.. and it's been about 2 months! She doesn't even know what she is suppose to be doing, no one does!
I really miss the way work used to be, but now I am only thinking about me, my health, and my family.. and I don't feel like working here is helping with my stress, my health, and spending actual quality time with my son!
I feel so miserable and it really sucks.

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