Monday, August 31, 2009

Is it just me or..

have I been really bitter lately? For some reason I just feel so bitter and annoyed lately. The only thing that makes me smile or happy is when August is in a good mood. Everything else has just been driving me crazy. I don't know if it is because more than half of the day August is doing this whine where nothing makes him happy...or if it is because I just want 10 minutes to myself, but instead all my minutes are dealing with dirty diapers, barking dog, annoying cats... The only time I get to myself is when I am ASLEEP and sometimes even then I am fighting over covers with Matt or kicking Gibby off me. Can't one night my husband come home, take the baby and let me just relax in bed, no feeding the baby, no cleaning the baby, no cleaning the house, no doing laundry...I just want one night, one hour, one minute!
I am looking forward to going to bunco tomorrow, I will have time to just be loud, annoying, and crazy and not have to worry about making Gibby hyper, waking up August, or annoying Matt.

AHHH, it just feels good to vent that's all. Back to work since I got NOTHING done today.

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