Sunday, May 30, 2010

I did it I did it.. I finally did it.

I finally ran in a 5k and I had a lot of fun, other than the freaking HEAT! I know that I would have done so much better if it wasn't so f'ing hot. I did 3.1 miles in 40.01 minutes. I was actually really bummed because I wanted to be closer to 30/35 minutes. I haven't ran in 4 weeks, which I think made it a little harder as well.
I am really glad I finished and that I did it mostly running by myself. It was really peaceful and I just really really loved it. I hope now I can get a better pace and run longer and faster and when I do another race I'll beat my time.
However, I do need to get some new running shoes! I'm thinking about getting the ones Erin has, I really like NBs and they aren't that expensive.
Alright I'm really tired because I didn't nap after the run and I was at up 6!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

I don't know what to do...

I need help...we need help.
So the past few days August has been very difficult. He does not take a nap, he does not go to bed. He will be falling asleep in the living room but the second I put him in his crib he FREAKS out..screaming, kicking, spazzing out. I will let him cry for awhile and then when I got in there, he's jumping up and down in his bed, screaming. The past few nights Matt and I have had to rock him to sleep, but the second we put him down he screams. The past two nights we have had to lay him in bed with us, wait until he's asleep then move him into his bed. He was NEVER like this! It just started like a week or two ago. He used to be the easiest baby to put down for a nap or bedtime!
We are lost, we do not know what to do. Plus, he used to go to bed at 7 every night, but now it's like 8 or 9! I don't care if he stays up later, but I just don't get what is going on. I know that he has two bottom teeth coming in, one has already come through, the other is about ready too. Nothing soothes him though. It's really stressful and it's driving me and Matt crazy.
If anyone has a suggestion please do tell.
ALSO, he has been waking up really early! Using he sleeps 12 hours, 7-7..but since this craziness started he wakes up at 6-6:30! I am SO tired, that 30 minutes is killing me.
That's all!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

cough cough.. snot sneeze

I AM STILL SICK! I mean, I'm like 5% sick. But it's annoying. I have to blow my nose still all the time, so much snot! I just pray that I'm better by next weekend! I want to run in the Strawberry Stampede, I want to be able to have fun on Matt's birthday (it's his golden! 29 on the 29th!) and I want to finally get my mothers day tattoo!!

Monday, May 17, 2010


Everyone I know.... that has kids.. gets to watch their kids, or have their mom watch their kids.
I...will have to find a job soon, and we will have to put August in daycare. This is something that neither of us want to do, we are dreading the day it comes.
But I thought before I went and searched for the best daycare with spots open, I would ask any of my friends that would like to watch August a few days a week...with pay.
That's all the details for now.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Coupons & Savings

So I am going to become one of those crazy coupon shoppers. Today was a trial run, to see what I need to improve on.. and A LIST will be the first thing and second is to get my coupons organized!
Here is what I spent/bought & saved.
1. Target - They had a deal going if you buy 2 boxes of Huggies you get a $5 gift card.
I first bought those with 2 $3 coupons. So my total was $36.61 for 140 diapers. I got the $5 gift card and rung everything else up on a second transaction.

Most of the items I bought were cleaning items, cat & dog food, cat liter, wipes, bag of mixed chips (frito lay), and goldfish. (i forgot to give them the $1.00 coupon for the liter, it would have been only .77 cents!)
My total was $60.54 cents, used the $5.00 gift card, so it came out to $55.54.
I saved a total of $18.91.

Then I went to Fresh & Easy, which is located in Orcutt, and they are cheaper than Albertsons most of the time. I had a $3.00 off coupon of $30 a more.. so I went there to get what I knew was cheaper than Albertsons.. (they don't take manufactor coupons, which sucks because I didn't know until I went to check out, I would have saved an additional $2.00)
I saved $5.98, my total was $82.65.
I bought: oj, milk, cheese, vegis, ice cream, ziploc bags, muffins, meat, water, fruit, chicken broth, toilet paper, dressing, eggs...

Then Albertsons:
Cereal, vegis (what they didn't have at fresh and easy), deli lunch meat & cheese, gerber juice, white beans, bread, yogurt, charcoal, baby ibprofin, tylenol, and diet pepsi.
I spent $77.42.
I saved a total of $29.29.
Bonus Buy: $3.74
Preferred Savings: $21.06
MFG Coupon Savings: $4.49

I saved $60.18 + the $5.00 coupon.
Not bad!
Even though I spent about $250, what I bought will last for at least 2 weeks. I know I will get better at planning out my list and coupons, so this is just the beginning. Plus - Walgreens & CVS have really good deals, but I'm not that crazy yet!!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


So I have to put my trust in the Lord, because I can't handle the stress I have been feeling lately. I have to trust that He will provide for us, and that He knows what is in store for us these next few months. I pray that we can get through all of these changing times. I am leaving it up to the Lord, because that's all I know how to do right now.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

balls to the wall

It's been awhile. Here's what's been going on:
August and I flew to Colorado on Tuesday, April 27 - our flight was from Santa Maria to LAX to Denver. August did AMAZING. Yes, he wasn't silent the whole time, but for 90% of the time he was. I am really glad that I flew with him for the first time, instead of me and Matt because Matt would have just made me more stressed out!
Anyway, the trip was wonderful. I really needed that time away and to be with my parents and brother, although I could have done without my brother a few times, he's got such a bad attitude!
I loved watching August interact with my parents and just see him light up every time my dad came in the room. He really did love playing with my dad and it was really funny.
I was able to visit Robyn, Corinne, and Maci while I was there. We all went to dinner at this place called HuHot, it's amazing!
Our flight back was ok. He got alittle crazy from Denver to LAX because it had been such a long day already! We had a 2 hour layover in LA and finally made it home around 7 pm on Monday, May 3.
Last week was crazy. Matt got really sick on Wednesday night, vomiting and diarrhea more than ever. Augie also threw up Wednesday night, that was not fun for me at all. Thursday and Friday Matt stayed home from work, and Friday I started feeling sick. I was trying to fight it, but it didn't work. I am now completely sick. Anyway, Mother's day was good, although we did NOTHING because we all still weren't 100%. Matt made me breakfast and it was really good. Then we took a nap and that was really nice.
Well it's now Tuesday, and I went to the doctor, my tonsils are medium size and red, Pat gave me a ZPACK which I LOVE because they always work. Although he said he doesn't know if it will this time.. ugh. Also, he told me I have a slim chance of doing that race on Saturday. He told me to just see how I feel and if I'm up to it, then do I'm praying these drugs work and I can do it!
That's all for now. Pray that I get better so I can run in my first 5k this Saturday!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I already miss my family.
Friends can't replace family.
I love my friends, but friends and family are different.