Monday, March 23, 2009

Ok really the birth story

So I had no idea I would have been dilated to 3-4 centimeters when I went into the doctors office. I was really in shock. Matt and I walked over to the hospital and went to the ER entrance. I saw Maci, which was cool, talked to her while they were getting all my infomation together. Finally I was ready to head up to Labor and Delivery. The lady asked if I wanted a wheel chair, but I didn't cause I wanted to keep walking and it felt better to stand. We got into our room and I got undressed and my gown on. I went pee in a cup and for some reason it was the hardest thing to do ever. I do it every week at my doctor's appointments but for some reason I like peed every where! Hahaha.
Anyway...My nurse came in and she seemed pretty cool, I was scared I would get a crazy mean nurse or one that didn't speak good english.
They drew blood, hooked me up to an iv and then gave me pitocin. Well I was doing really fine, my contractions were about 4-5 minutes apart. I was tapping my feet to the babies heartbeat to help with the pain and also doing my own breathing technique. The nurse asked me if I wanted an epidurual and at that point I didnt. I guess Dr. Callahan kept asking me if I had received it yet.
Dr. Callahan came in, I don't remember what time, but he deciced to put the internal heartmonitor on the baby, which I didn't want but I had no idea what was happening. I was kind of upset about it, but then I just didn't care cause I knew it had to be save if he was doing it.
So he put it in and then broke my water. It was the weirdest feeling..and it was weird that i had WIRES hanging out of my vagina!!!!
Well I don't really know what time it was but I know it was before 3 and the nurse checked to see where I was at. I was at what she said a 6. I was still doing ok, but then all of a sudden the pain just got worse and worse and I couldn't focus and I was freaking out because I knew the pain was just going to get worse. I kept telling myself that there is no reason to NOT get an epidurual and vice versa. I was up in the air for at least 2 hours. I called Taryn just to ask her how it felt and what I would and wouldn't feel. I really just wanted to get an idea of what it would make me feel like. After talking with Taryn and having another few really hard contractions I decided to get it. At 3 o'clock...i broke edge. haha just kidding. But thats when I got drugged up! It was the weirdest feeling I have ever felt. My legs were so heavy and I just felt so out of it and weird. Matt kept telling me to get sleep but I couldn't. The doctor came in at 5 and he said I was still at 5! He said that if i didn't progress by the next time he came back, which would be a few hours, I would have to have a c-section. I pretty much was ready to have a c-section....I really didn't think I was going to progress..
SAD...a couple minutes later my dad got a call on his cell phone from a parents live on this hill and if there is a fire you have to leave ASAP. the first thing they thought
My dad then he in the house.. ok let me call Justin...we all knew it was about their dog Sammy. My dad got off the phone and looked at my mom and said... Sammy died. We all just went into shock and started balling. I couldn't believe that just happened. I couldn't believe that my parents grandchild was on his way, and they just found out their dog that they loved like a child...died. For the next hour it was silence, other than tears rolling down everyones face. My parents decided to go get some food and let Danielle and Wiss come into the room.
Danielle and Wiss came up and we were all talking and then all of a sudden I started feeling so much pressure, the epidurual was wearing off. I could start to feel the contractions again and at first it was ok. but then it hit me like a ton of bricks...I was in so much pain, there was so much pressure. I got the nurse and asked her for more epidurual. She called the guy but he was in AG and was on his way.. at that time it was about 7...the nurse checked me again and said I was at an 8-9! I couldn't believe it. Then at about 730, dr. callahan came in and checked me..He are dilated at have a few options, because he knew I wanted more epidurual. He said I could either get more and have a c-section..or I could not get any more and try vaginal and see what we can do.. then without really giving him an answer he's like ok well next contraction lets try pushing.. I was like uhhh what, it was happening SO FAST!!! I was scared cause my mom wasn't back yet but I just had to think that they would be there before he came out!
So I had a contraction and I pushed and then he's like ok.. it was kind of a blur from there, I remember telling Danielle and Wiss to get my mom and I heard my mom come in and the nurse was like grab her mom had no idea she would be doing that!
So there I was starting to push each contraction. It was about 7:50 and I remember saying, how long will I be pushing for.. and the nurse said between 1-2 hours. oh and this was a different nurse they switched at 7. she was really cool and from MINNESOTA!!
Anyway.. I remember saying.. hell no I won't be pushing for 2 hours!
So I was pushing each contraction and the pressure just got crazy. I remember wanting to keep my eyes closed and I wish that it had been pitch black. I kept putting my hands over my eyes when I wasn't pushing. I also remember crying, but with no tears, I was just wanting to release crys.. I dont know haahaha. I could tell he was coming down and it was the weirdest feeling. Matt and my mom did so good. They just kept me focused with each count of 10. We did 3 counts of 10 each contraction. I remember them saying ok I see the head I see the head.. she told me i could feel it, i told her she was crazy!
They couldn't find dr. callahan and everyone was freaking out and finally he got there right as his head came out then I remember the weird feeling of his body coming out. I think his body was the weirdest thing ever coming out!
August James Bandy arrived at 8:35 pm, 21 inches long and 8.7 pounds. When he came out, there wasn't really a cry.. just a little waw, but nothing like I thought it would be. It scared matt and I because he was soooo quite! they said he was perfectly fine. they laid him on my chest and i just had no feeling. i know that sounds bad but i was just still in shock, i didnt cry i didn't really talk i just remember thinking, wow...this is weird..this is weird.. i can't believe i just did that.
My mom said she was so proud of me and that I was completely different than she thought i was going to be she thought i was going to be INSANE!
I actually impressed myself!
anyway.. i did tear. but i just remember it was a burning feeling, i guess...i was at a degree 2 out of 4. um i dont reallly know what else.. it was just a crazy feeling, there is nothing like child birth.
ill post more later about the hospital stay!!!!!

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  1. congrats!! it sounds like you did a great job bringing your little man into the world!