Monday, March 2, 2009

Post 100

So, I am now 38 weeks. WHAT?! Where has the time gone!? I know, crazy.
I can't believe that within the next two weeks, both Lori and I will become MOTHERS!
Holy Crap.
Well anyway, Matt has been sick ALL freaking weeks, he is still sick and hasn't taken any kind of medicine which really annoys me! I love Tylenol cold and flu when I'm sick, but NO he doesn't take ANYTHING! He keeps me up at night with his cough and blowing his nose and snoring! I am already up enough with having to pee every hour! I told him this morning, YOU BETTER GET SOME DRUGS!

What is going on right now...
Since 8:15 the Dish Network guy has been here, we had a little problem because the HOA lady can't find the paper that tells you how you can install the dish, so he is just doing it without knowing if it will be up to their standars, I wouldn't care as much, but since I live next to Satan aka old man who is on the board, I'm a little freaked out that he will say something. Whatever, it's not my fault the lady that works at the HOA can't find the paper, she doesn't even know what I'm talking about, it's so annoying. She told me she can't get ahold of the people that know and they won't be in for an hour. COOL. So it's now 10:38 and he's still here, he didn't start until 9:30, he waited for me to get ahold of that lady. Whatever. I am annoyed. I am also sweating and really want to shower, but of course I can't because he is still here!

Gibby won't stop barking at him either, annoying.

I have a vet appointment for Champ at 4:15 today, he had blood in his urine last night. My poor baby has a UTI and I feel horrible because I should have taken him a long time ago!

Well other than that, nothing really new. I go to the doctor again on Thursday, March mom's 43rd birthday!
Maybe something will happen, since I do want this baby to be born on 3/6/09!

That's it.

Hope everyone is good!

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  1. you will HOPEFULLY be a mother within 2 weeks, unless your anything like Erin and I!!!!!! haha you could go 4! Also I saw you today going into the vets office, Amy and I were leaving Doc Bernsteins and I honked at you like 5 times and you just kept dogging me!!!!!!!! you little rotten