Sunday, February 8, 2009

Ew little bratty boys

So I love kids..I mean of course, I'm pregnant and have always wanted kids. But there is a certain age group of kids that DRIVE ME CRAZY. It usually starts around the age of 7-8 and last until 15-16. I really can't stand the 9-12 year olds. No offense to anyone, I just really have always had a hard time dealing with how immature they are and it's such a weird stage in life. You aren't a toddler anymore so you shouldn't have your pout session, however you are still young and you sometimes don't know better.. then you get to where you think you know everything!
Well I bring this up because I was in the babys room and Gibby was barking like crazy so I look outside and there is a kid close to our front door with a GUN! I assumed it was a BB gun, or an air gun, BUT STILL! He's out running around the neighbor with a huge ass gun, that from a distance looks like a rifle!
SO I ran downstairs, cause he was looking through our window, but without getting too close to the window.. you know what I mean..
Anyway I ran downstairs yelling at Matt. I opened the door and he was gone. THEN i turned around and saw I left my keys in the door!!! I was like so scared for a moment, what if he took them!? So I got the keys and went inside and locked the door and told Matt.
Then just now Gibby started barking again and I heard kids outside yelling..
I look and they are loading the gun.. with whatever it takes for ammo. I was like REALLY pissed because there are a lot of little kids and pets around here and people drive like crazy people and these kids just ran in and out of the street all the time!
Anyway.. my mom NEVER let me or my brother have a gun, she even hated water guns! Finally my brother was allowed to get a BB gun at a mature age where he freaking knew better. These kids are probably like 9-12 at the oldest. It really bothers me that their parents let them run around this neighborhood with a gun that COULD hurt someone.
It's one thing if you live out on some property where you don't really have neighbors... but to live this close.. what if I walked outside as they were shooting it?!
AHH. It just drives me crazy.
I am totally not ANTI GUNS.. I mean look at my parents and their house!!!
But I am against little kids that don't know better with a BB gun that could really hurt you.. ask Danielle and Lori! We have all been shot at with one and it's not really THAT funny to get hit with a BB!

Anyway that's my crazy rant of the day. I sometimes wish my crazy neighbor would yell at the kids hahaha. But then I would have some respect for him, and we don't want that!!

Well off to putting things away in the babys room again!

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  1. it hurts. Especially when they hold the gun directly to your skin and shhoot you!