Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My baby

So August is almost 5 months old! He is rolling over like a crazy man, stomach to back.
Tonight I decided to give him rice cereal...and it was funny. He liked the first few bites, but then he started getting over it..and i was forcing it and that was a mistake cause all of a sudden.BLALLAHAH all over him, me, the table..sickkkkk.
Anyway then during dinner he was sitting on the table in his bumbo and i heard him farting and after like 15 minutes i picked him up..POOP bubble out of his diaper!!! me, my grandma and matt had to all help get him out of the bumbo wrap towels around him..ughhh it was SICK!!!

Anyway, he is 19 pounds and probably about 27 1/2 inches.
I bought him a jumperoo like 3-4 weeks ago and his feet barely touched the floor on his tippy toes, now his feet sit flat on the floor, so i need to make the seat higher. It's crazy how fast he is growing. he has 6 oz bottles and then after like 1-2 hours later nurses on the boob.

My grandma has been staying with us so she is watching him while I work and she makes him laugh like crazy i love it! I just hear them downstairs together and she makes funny noises and then he just laughs and screams, it's so wonderful to see my grandma, his Great Grandma be able to spend time with him!!!!!

ok goodnight im tired.

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