Thursday, January 1, 2009

Almost 30 weeks.

So...I'm almost 30 weeks. Only 2 days until I'm there. It's weird to think that I'm ALREADY 30 weeks. I feel that this pregnancy has gone by really fast! I'm sure now that I say that the next 10 weeks will be slower than ever! I am getting really excited though. This post is probably going to be alot like the last haha. But This month is going to go by fast and then I have my shower at the end of the month and then February is just a short month..
I really feel pregnant though. My ribs have been hurting and I complain about it all the time. But when you have a baby pushing on something in your rib area it doesn't feel good! I'm almost in pain 24/7. The only time I don't feel that much pain is when I'm laying down to go to bed. But whenever I'm sitting it hurts so bad!
I can't wait for the next ultrasound to see how big this baby really is.
Matt can't wait either! He thinks it's really funny. I really don't want a big baby like Matthew. I would like a 7-8 pounder!
Alright well I need to get some dinner, probably PB&J cause it sounds really good right now.
I hope everyone had a wonderful New Years Eve, and a good start to your New Year 2009...
OH and I can't believe that 1999 was 10 years ago. I loved the 90's hahaha.



  1. me too! 1999 was a good new years eve, im pretty sure we were all at loris house and Teri was out dancing!

  2. That's cool that this pregnancy is going by so fast for you although it is bugging me that you keep on leaving out ELLA'S birthday in February!