Saturday, February 27, 2010

She's crafty...

So I guess I do have a crafty side to me. I saved money by NOT buying cute address labels, so I am making them. It's taking forever but I am having fun doing it. I have 55 to do and I have only done like 3 hours! I have taken breaks and done a few other things.. but whatever!
The hard part is cutting them out!!!
I was able to buy full sheets of sticky paper (label paper, but just a full sheet, no pre-cut labels!) I am really excited about it!
I also found some cool robot clip art that I was able to put on top of the address before the name.
I hope it looks cute with everything else.
I also am not stressing AS much since Matt's mom is coming out for the party! She's very crafty and did catering for awhile.. so she knows how to plan a party!
I can't believe that August is going to be 1 in 3 weeks.. and i really can't believe that Jackson Ralph is going to be 1 in 6 days!
time is going fast!

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