Wednesday, February 17, 2010

so sick of being fat.

So I used to think I was fat like 7 years ago, but 7 years ago I was only 140 pounds! Then I slowly gained weight.. and 7 years later, after having a baby I am now 185.5 pounds. I really hate looking at my flabby stomach, my big round face, my huge thighs.. so a few weeks ago I decided that I am really going to make a change.. and stick to it.
I want to be 140 again and feel skinny. I would actually like to be smaller than that, but I'll shoot for 140!
So I got this lose it app, which has helped so much. I have been trying to work out every day. Lately I have been doing Wii Fit for at least 30 minutes, and if I can get a walk in also then it's even better. Yesterday I walked with Lori for 80 minutes, and I felt great. I love walking, and I actually love getting off my butt and working out! I look forward to it, unlike before.
Also, I have been cutting my portions of food down. I still eat the same things, except all the fries whenever I'd go out, but I just don't eat as much. I look at how many calories are in everything. I can eat alittle over 1700 calories, and usually I am right on target everyday. I will go over maybe once a week, but not by much.
When I started I was 188 pounds. I think I have been doing it for about 3 weeks and I am now 185.5, which isn't bad.. since I gained a few pounds over superbowl weekend! If it wasn't for that, I would probably be alittle lighter!
Anyway.. I am just really glad that I found something I can stick too and doesn't totally change what I can and can't eat.
My goal is to be 170 pounds by June, which is a weight loss of 1 pound a week. I really think I can do it.
That's all. I am going to be a skinny bitch.. so watch out!

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