Sunday, February 21, 2010

Do they have medicine for STRESS?

So the past couple days I have been on stress overload. I think it has made me sick, because since Friday I have felt like crap.
I am stressed about so many things.. mostly August's birthday party. It would be so much easier if our house wasn't small, or we had a backyard. Lisa offered her house, and I have also thought of parks...yet I feel like every time I have made a choice, it's the wrong one.. so really I haven't made up my mind yet! His party is in 27 days.. ahhh.
I am stressed about our house situation and money. The stress is always there, but lately it's been on overload maximum (haha).
I don't know what to do about this stress. I need a getaway, that's paid for!
What I need is a party planner for free, so I don't have to worry about all this. Can you tell I've never really planned a a real one. The guest list is like crazy. It's like 100 people. 1/2 family and 1/2 friends, and I have tried to slim it down but I can't.. I know not everyone will come, I can already remove like 30 people...
Ok well I need some food and to just get my mind clear!!!!!!!

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  1. You should try this...

    Hylands Nerve Tonic

    I'm all about it. It's homeopathic. No side effects and it really works. They sell it at health food stores.

    And about the party... if I can help at all... let me! I'll do whatever... help you get the invites made out, help plan the food, whatever. Let me know. If you want, maybe me and you and Lori could meet up this week and plan some stuff.