Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Day 1

Today, I went out for a jog/walk.
I enjoyed the BOB stroller alot, just need to get used to running with a stroller! It's different, but I like it, so much smoother.
Anyway- I timed myself, walk vs run.

Walk: 4:49.0
Run: 1:52.1
Walk: 2:47.2
Run: 1:52.1
Walk: 3:17.5
Run: 1:42.6
Walk: 3:06.3
Run: 3:19.1
Walk: 16:08.0 (I walked, then went into Matt's work, stopped the timer of course, then walked up the hill)
Run: 5:24.6
Walk: 5:34.0
Run: 2:10.5
Walk: 1:39.5
Run: 3:06.4

Hopefully my running times will get better! But I feel really good. August ended up falling asleep in the stroller so when we got home I just kept him in it while I took a nice cold shower and got ready.
I have to go to Wal-Mart to get August a fan for his room, the one he had when he was a newborn took a crap a few months ago so I need to replace it. His room gets REALLY hot at night. Then off to Toys-R-Us to get some diapers (I've got coupons!) and maybe I'll pick up 1 toy for his birthday present.

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