Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Kids Favors

Ok so I was going to do favors for the kids for August birthday party... but I have NO idea how many kids will be there. We are inviting cousins that have all together like 10 kids! Plus some of Matt's work people have kids and then all the group of kids!
Can I just have a table that is crayons and robot cut outs that they can color and lots of pinwheels they can take home, and candy bags if they want to take candy home (everyone really). Plus Matt's mom is making A shaped cookies that are in bags for everyone.
Is that ok?!??!
I don't want to leave someone out of a favor bag, I would feel worse than just not doing them and letting them take home the crafts they colored and then candy and cookies!
Ideas!!?!? Thoughts!?!?

1 comment:

  1. the A cookies in bags with a ribbon or something can be the favors, just make sure there is one for every child that you invite and then no one will be left out! that is plenty. it's really hard to plan that stuff especially these days because people pretty much don't rsvp anymore! excluding you of course :)