Sunday, November 16, 2008

Oh Yesterday..

So yesterday started off ok...
Matt and I went to Panera Bread for breakfast. Then we went into town to get my oil changed and go to the beach. On the way into town Matt got a message that there was a show tonight in Anaheim...Dennis wanted to see if he wanted to go. I was kind of pissed cause we already made plans to go to the beach, but then I just forgot about it. We got to Mullahey Ford to get my oil changed. It was 10:30. We went on a walk to get Gibby a frisbe and new leash and harness. We got done and started walking back. It was like 11:15. The car wasn't done yet so we sat inside and watched the ILLINI/OHIO game. Then I saw my car pull up so I went to pay and the tech came in and said "your air filter is dirty, do you want a new one.." and I said yes, and he told me it would be another 20 minutes.. so I was like whatever.
Back to watching the game.. 20 minutes went by and the guy game in and was like, "did you know your check engine light is on...?" and Matt was like it wasn't on before we came.. I told the guy my gas light is on.. and he's like maybe that has something to do with it, get some gas and drive around for a few days and see if it goes off...
That worried me..ALOT.
So we started the car and it didn't sound the same, didn't run the same.. I just thought it was the gas issue.. but really I knew it wasn't, I just didn't want to freak out.
So I get gas, the car is still f'ing up. Then Matt tells me to take him to United Rentals so he can get a ride with Dennis and go to the show.
Well Matt never told me he was for sure going to the show, so I instantly became PISSED.
We got to United Rentals and I just burst into tears because I was so upset that he wasn't going to the beach and that my car is freaking F'D!
Then this semi needed to pull in and he kept honking at me before I was even able to move my car which pissed me off even more!
Finally I just left and was balling my eyes out (pregnancy thing I guess) and started driving home. Then my contact fell out, so I called Matt to come get me at Los Berros exit and drive me home.
I turned the car off and Matt got there and tried starting the car.. um didn't start, totally died!
I was freaking out. SO I called my brother and he told me to check the oil and make sure they actually put oil in the car! So we did and there was oil. I couldn't think straight and was getting so pissed, so I just told Matt let's take it back because my brother also said they probably didn't hook something up and it's causing the car to get to much air and making it turn off!
So we headed towards AG, but what.. the car was totally fine! The check engine light was off, so we went back to Santa Maria and we got to the stop light right by the house and it DIED! The jack ass in front of us kept honking his horn and it's like her mother f'er the car isn't starting!
So I called Mullahey Ford and the guy was like come back in and we will see what's wrong.
Which, don't you think they should have done that in the first place, since we said that light wasn't on before?!
So I get there and he's like.."the censor wasn't hooked back up to the air something or another..I'm so sorry and wish we could reimburse you for the gas to get back here.." but he did give me a free oil change for the next time I come.
I wasn't pissed after that, because I knew it wasn't serious and they admitted their mistake.

SO after all that.. which ended up being 2:30 by the time that was all takin care of, I met up with Lori and we went to Avila with Gibby and Gunnie, it was really fun and I'm glad my day was getting better!
Then we went to Lubrillons (Caleb, Brian, Dillons) to watch the fight, it was good. Saw people, saw Faye, held Faye until she had to get the boob. Felt Jackson kick and it was amazing. I can't wait to actually feel August kick me from the outside!

It turned out to be a good day.


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  1. Wow. That really sucks. I'm glad I got to see you last night. You were so funny with Faye. It'll be so much different when it's your own, I promise.