Sunday, November 9, 2008

Oh Sunday.

So Sundays I like to sleep... and I'm not meaning like a 1 hour nap. I literally like to sleep ALL DAY. I just get up and out of bed and go right to the couch. I've been on the couch since 7:30 this morning and just now finally decided I should get up and shower. I really don't like being this lazy but it just feels so good to sleep or rest all day!
I do though need to do like 10 loads of laundry. So I guess I'm going to shower and then start the wonderful tasks of CLOTHES!
Matt and I are going to Colorado in 2 weeks for 1 week so I guess I should get a head start on this laundry because I know if I don't it will be like this in 2 weeks and then we won't have any clothes!
So yeah that's really it.
I'm bored and the weather is weird outside, really cold and windy.
Sometimes it makes me miss Chicago.
Sometimes I want to move to a place that's cold, is that weird.. probably.
I love California, but I don't love California's high prices on EVERYTHING.

Whatever that's another post.

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  1. Well I can see how you would miss the weather changes. I am loving it here in Maryland, absolutley loving it. So much to see and do, endless....but I do miss California, I miss my friends and family but not really California, this is and has been amazing....I look so forward to the weather changes, even the snow!