Friday, November 14, 2008

Move It Mister

So I had lunch with Danielle and Lori today and Lori said she feels Jackson all the time..
Then I got to wondering.. maybe these things in my stomach are really August and not gas..
I mean you all know I'm the most gassiest person you have ever met.. but to me I was like wow this gas is crazy in my stomach.. then as I was sitting here lurking blogs and baby items..
I thought.. wait.. maybe this movement is actually August (i know i just said that above) but really I finally think that I actually do feel baby move. It feels like gas, but I don't fart and when I have gas I fart, and it's loud and sometimes smells like acid.

Whatever my back hurts and I told myself I would be in bed at 10 30, its now 11 15


  1. I'm sure it's your little August. I felt parker at 5 months ... It felt like little bubbles in my tummy! How fun! i wish I had a baby in my tum!

  2. You're so crazy...what exactly does acid smell like???

    P.S. Your My Space page makes firefox freeze every single time I go to it! I DO NOT KNOW WHY!