Thursday, November 13, 2008


Title, not funny..because tonight me, Matt, and Dennis drove to SB and Matt was like...look there's a fire.. at first I thought it was just off the freeway, brush fire.. turns out it's this CRAZY HUGE fire that had only been burning for less than an hour when we saw it.
We went to the show, that was cancelled because there was no power, we stood outside for awhile watching the fire, it was really close.. my eyes hurt and there was ash all over me, and it smelled like smoke so bad.
It was kinda surreal being so close, but I was so sad for those people, possibly OPRAH, who lost their home or live stock...we drove down State street and it was like a ghost town, only 1 stop light was working.. and people really don't know how to drive when stop lights aren't working it was kinda scary.

When I got home and saw the fire on the news.. it had grown SO much from when we saw it..
It looked like all of SB was on fire.
I hope everyones ok. As far as I know there have been at least 7 houses burnt, I'm sure that total will go up over night. The winds are crazy and it's SO hot (Santa Ana.. thank you not.)

I'm tired and went to Santa Barbara to go to a show and eat Chipotle and ended up watching a fire and eating In N Out.


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