Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Today has been a bad day. I woke up at 3:30 this morning and could not go back to sleep. I went downstairs at 5 to eat some cereal because I was feeling hungry.. I think. My stomach was hurting, I think from laying on my back. I'm usually a side sleeper but when I'm pregnant I want to sleep on my back, even though I'm not suppose to.. weird. Anyway, I still couldn't go to sleep, until about 6. Finally, asleep. Then an hour later, August wakes up. I made Matt get him because I just wanted to sleep. I slept until 8:15 with August laying next to me watching "skateboards, skateboards, skateboards".
The day was going ok, but by 12, I was feeling really sick. My stomach was hurting, I just felt like crap. We had already made plans to go to Orcutt Brew for lunch, because I wanted their BLT so bad. Of course we got there and I was still icky feeling, the food was brought to us and I just couldn't even look at it! We got it all to go and headed back home.
I ate half of it when we got home, but then I took a poop. I think instead of throwing up, I poop. It's kind of weird, but I swear it's true.
I still feel like SH*T, just laying in bed with August as he naps. I think I need to do that too. I think my stomach is expanding. I feel big, my pants are tight, I get really uncomfortable with stuff around my stomach. I'm only 7 weeks, this shouldn't be happening so soon.
Ok, sleep time?

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