Saturday, August 28, 2010

What a day...

So August has been a nightmare lately. He has been teething since Thursday and it's a nightmare. He is drooling like CRAZY. He didn't take a nap all day today and finally went to bed around 8:30.
Matt went to Brandon's for a BBQ and I decided to stay home because I didn't know how August would be.
I am watching the Suze Orman Show.. she's so funny. It really makes me think about our retirement and where our money goes!
I am really tired and should probably go to bed.
We are renting a van next weekend and going to IKEA to get a new couch! BRAND NEW! I am so freaking excited. We are getting 1 couch and probably another chair. This living room of ours is a nightmare to furnish.

So lately I have been really hoping that we get to keep our house. Before I didn't care at all, I was ready to get out of here and have a yard and start packing and all that. But then I just really started liking our house. I have been talking to the bank once a week and they still don't have an answer for us. They would be stupid to not let us keep the house. It is going to take forever for them to sell! There is EIGHT houses right now for sale in our area.
Hopefully soon they will have good news for us. In September, it will have been 12 months that we have not paid. You would think that we have saved so much money, but we haven't. We have saved a good amount but not as much as I thought we would.
It would be nice to go a few more months without having to pay, but at the same time.. it's really annoying not knowing what we are going to do. I just hope by Christmas we will know!

Speaking of Christmas.. I CAN'T WAIT!
119 days.

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