Thursday, December 4, 2008

No Pictures Please

So the past two times we have gone to get an ultrasound, August is in weird positions and we can NEVER get a picture of his profile! It's so annoying. I've seen his legs a million times, but never that face!!!!!
Today he had his pinkie (we think) up and it was cute. I just wish I could see that face of his.
Only 100 days until the due date! Kind of crazy.


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  1. go get a 4D. seriously. I dont know what your waiting for! do it when your down here on the 20th1 the place we went, you get a 15 or 30 minute package, and they are so col there, if you can't get a good picture of the face they are patient. they scanned me for a lot longer than the package time to ensure good pictures :)its better than going to the Dr. where they just need to get the organs and measurements. 4D place, their goal is for you to see your baby's face and what theyre doin in there.