Sunday, December 7, 2008


So right now I'm really annoyed. Funny right...
First off, Matt and I LAG major when it comes to getting stuff done, except at the same time I don't feel that I lag because 1-If I could do the things I need done, then I would do them and 2-I keep asking him to do them.. and he just doesn't!
I have asked SO many times that we could FINISH the babies room and by finish I mean get all his nintendo, comic book, music related everything OUT of there! Yes I have a few things, but nothing compared to what he has in there.
We are on a time limit because we have only 2 weeks to get the floor done, but really probably just this week because that is the only time this guy has to do it!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plus his parents are coming in two weeks and it needs to be done before they get here so we can put together the furniture!!!
I am really stressing out because I feel that Matt doesn't care! I understand the baby won't be here for another 3 months, but time FLIES and the next TWO months are PACKED. We have something EVERY WEEKEND (except Jan. 10) until February!
And then we will only have 1 month to get ready.
If the babies room was taken care of, then I wouldn't be a stress case like I have been lately and I would get off his back about doing things.
The only 2 things that I can't do to help is move the TV and the Futon! But seriosuly if I wasn't pregnant then I freaking would do all this myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just needed to VENT!

but on a good note, Lori's shower was good and fun. I hope everyone that went had fun!!
I am so tired from it, but I find energy to clean that room!
Which is why i am sitting here posting this, i just asked matt to help and he said let me finish reading this chapter.. so i wait and then i hear him come upstairs and he's all um im going to take a bath!!!!!!!!!!!!
what?!? what?!?!?!?!?!

F. back to doing what I can by myself!

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