Monday, December 8, 2008


Matt has been throwing up since 8:30 last night.
He threw up at 830, 1130 & 530 this morning. Now it has turned into the shits.
He is King of throw up. I have seen him throw up more times than he's heard me fart (haha jk)

To add to this horrible day, Matt tried calling his boss and OHHHH they disconnected our CELL PHONES!!!
I just paid the bill on the 24th, and our internet and land line still work and it's all on the same bill. Cool huh!!!!!

Oh I hate today. I think I'm going to go into work and then leave. Matt is horrible when he's sick and I don't want to leave him here alone, especially since he's throwing up! He's like a baby and I feel bad. I just hope I don't get sick... which I think he has food poisoning.. he's prone to that.


  1. its going around : / Jin Ho just had it last week!

  2. Tell Matt I hope he is feeling better!!