Monday, December 22, 2008


So our computer broke awhile ago, so I haven't been on this much.
Just wanted to say that I'm 28 weeks now, and the baby likes to be in my ribs 24/7. I'm not really liking it because I HAVE to sit straight up and it's annoying. But I guess good for my back?
I got a body pillow last night and it made me sleep better, other than the annoying cramp I got in my leg. Matt's really good at waking up and getting it out of me!
My in-laws are in town until Sunday. We might go to the movies on Christmas.. weird huh?
I always thought people were weird to do that, but this Christmas is going to be so mellow and there aren't going to be 10 of us so it will be nice.
I like that it is raining and cold, it makes it feel more like Christmas.
Um I met Emerick for the first time on Saturday! He's amazing.
I can't wait to have my very own baby boy!
Anyway, back to work.


  1. Krista, I'm so excited to meet August. I can't believe you only have 12 weeks until your due date!!!! Aaaahhh! It's crazy! And how nice that you have a husband who will wake up in the middle of the night to massage you. You're lucky. Well lets try and hang out soon and talk about birth. Sounds fun :)

  2. Parker was too in my ribs and I had to take a pillow to the movies because it hurt! sorry for you . it's because we are short.