Friday, February 25, 2011

Shopping On-line

So I decided to start price compare everything that I buy.. in store vs online. So far I have found some stuff to be a lot cheaper on line and some to be a lot cheaper in the store. I really want to cut back our grocery bill, especially with adding another mouth to feed and butt to change. Hopefully I can breastfeed as long, if not longer, than I did with August. I just feel like it's going to be hard because August will want to know what the hell is going on with a baby on my boob!
Anyway.. totally off subject but..
I know 10 people pregnant (one not personally, but know of.. and that 10 includes me) 4 of which have found out they are having a girl, 1 a boy, 4 of us haven't found out yet (Rachael on Saturday, I find out on the 9th of March), and 1 is not finding out (Tara).
I heard it is year of GIRLS.. so far it has held true.
And to make things right here...
Yes, I really want a girl.. but I also would LOVE a boy, because I would love for August to have a brother! If the doctor says.. there's a penis, I'm going to be just as excited as if he were to say it's a girl!
All I really care about is having a healthy, happy, baby. A baby like August because he was a good little baby, however, I hope this baby eats better than August! He's currently eating chocolate cheerios.. and will only eat PB&J for lunch AND dinner.
He's a freak.

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  1. Emerick's eating habits drive me nuts. he will only eat a couple of the dinners i make on a regular basis. his diet mostly consists of honey nut cherrios, mac n cheese, chicken nuggets, pizza, yogurt, sometimes applesause...i wish he would eat REAL meals. he used to eat PBandJ for breakfast and sometimes lunch or dinner, too but lately he doesn't even want that.