Thursday, December 23, 2010

6 weeks & 5 days.

I am pregnant. I took a test on Friday, December 10th, after being 8 days late on my period.. and to not my suprise because I just knew I said PREGNANT. I mean, yes, I would be lying if I didn't say I was shocked to see those words, but I knew I was pregnant for the second we had sex (TMI sorry).
Baby #2 is due August 11, 2011. Really funny to think that so much has happened in August AND our son is named August!
I have different feelings about this pregnancy. I am really excited, but I think I hide it in more than I did when I was pregnant with August. I am more scared, even though I know what it is like to raise a baby into a toddler, I have never raised a baby into a toddler with a toddler!
I am also scared because I keep having nightmares about something being wrong with this baby. Tomorrow we go for our first doctors appointment and we will have an ultrasound. I think once I see & hear the heartbeat I will feel a little bit better. August loves my stomach already before I got pregnant, but now he's like all over it kissing it and everything. I can't wait to see what he will be like when it's a huge pregnant belly!
I am making a scapbook from August's first ultrasound until he was born. Doing this is making me relax more I think, even though I hate scrapbooking!
Oh and I am writing this on Tuesday, but it will not post until Thursday because Matt's parents still don't know and I don't know if she reads my blog or not!

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