Friday, September 3, 2010

Welcome to Hell Week.

So this week has been really rough and I am about ready to have an emotional breakdown. It all started Sunday night when Matt told me he started to feel sick. He went to bed pretty early and took some Tylenol. He woke up Monday feeling a little better, but with some what of a sore throat. When I went into his work that day, he looked horrible and I could tell he was getting sick. Monday night after he got home he went straight upstairs to lay in bed. He only came down for dinner then went to bed. Tuesday morning he was horrible. His throat was worse and has a really bad headache. I told him to call the doctor, but of course he didn't. He didn't go to work, and slept all day while August and I were out of the house. Wednesday comes around and he's worse, so he finally calls the doctor and he has a full blown case of strep throat. Meanwhile, I am taking airborne 3 times a day, and August's runny nose isn't getting any better. He isn't drooling any more and his attitude is better, other than his SICK runny nose that drives me crazy. It's making his nose all red and sore and I feel really bad for him. Back to Matt, he got some meds and Thursday his sore throat was a lot better. He ended up going to work this morning, but he has no energy, so I don't know how long he is going to last. I was driving home last night and felt something in my throat. Then this morning I woke up with my ear hurting and a sore throat! I am so bummed. I really hope it isn't bad and it will go away.
Back to August.. other than having a gross runny nose, his penis is really red and his balls. I don't know what is wrong. I need to call the doctor today to see if I should bring him in. He has something similar before and it was a yeast infection.
I am going to continue to take airborne and Tylenol. Hopefully it will get rid of whatever is brewing inside of my throat!

On another note...Matt told me he was going to grow his hair out and then him and August will get their hair cut at the same time. I am really sad but he does need a trim. I just like his long hair, so hopefully it won't be cut all crazy.

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