Monday, September 6, 2010


So it seems as if my family has had a cloud of GERMS hovering over us the past week. It has been pretty much hell here. After Matt was better, I got worse. Then I finally got better and then August got worse. He currently has a crazy yeast infection, and a crazy cut under his eye that has made his eye swollen and looks like pink eye, but I'm pretty sure it isn't. Tomorrow I am going to call the doctor to just get him checked out and make sure he doesn't have anything crazy going on elsewhere that we don't know of.

My birthday is Thursday. I feel like when you get older your birthdays are more bitter-sweet. I am going to be 26. Not that old...but getting closer to 30. But what made me feel REALLY old was after I bought clothes at Old Navy and I went to get dressed this morning, I looked in the mirror and said to Matt, "Do you think that I'm wearing clothes that are for like a 17 year old? Because I feel like I'm one of those moms that's trying to stay young." It was a really weird feeling I had this morning.

So I feel like my house has been yelling CLEAN ME for the past few YEARS. I am SO sick of our house being so half ass. Like the baseboard upstairs isn't even done, the baseboard downstairs isn't painted all the way. The kitchen cabinets looks HORRIBLE. The flood we had a few months ago in the bathroom..yeah the floor isn't fixed yet. A lot of this has to do with us not wanting to put money into the house until we know if we are keeping it or not, but I still hate it. The light went out AGAIN in the garage and it is really annoying when I'm trying to do laundry and can't freaking see. We try and swifter every other day, but the floor just is ALWAYS dirty. I can't stand it. This house is just old and dingy I think. I also really want to paint the RED wall! I'm so over that red.

Reason number 129038 this month of why I think I'm pregnant:
I think I've packed on a few pounds and my boobs seem bigger, but maybe they are bigger cause I've gained weight?!

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