Thursday, March 25, 2010


So this morning I went for a run.
Here are my times:
(I walked up the hill, then started running right away, so I didn't time my's about 2 minutes though)
R: 15:35.6 (SAY WHAAAT)
W: 2:00.6
R: 2:02.8

I was hurting after the 15 minutes, so I stopped and walked, then run and it was killing me, so I walked again, but decided since the last portion of my run was slightly downhill, and by slightly, I mean really you can't tell.. I decided to run it. My total time was 27 minutes.
The 15 minutes, I ran 1.3 miles. I think it's easier for me to run by myself..I know weird right. Also I like straight paths, flat and easy for me.
I'm going to be sore!


  1. Okay... so maybe on Saturday, you should try bringing an iPod and just going off by yourself. You might like it better. That way you don't have to talk or anything, you can just focus on running.

  2. Yeah, I think I need to do that. Talking and running is hard haha. I hope it's not too cold either, I do better when it's warmer out!